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Dream: The Preparation
Thursday, October 1st, 2020 6:22pm
Keywords: Dream, Preparation, Jesus, Missions, Revival, Salvation, Gospel to Every Nation

In the dream I was walking around this sorta rolling parking lot with what looked like parking meters, with people settled in next to them scattered across the lot, some with a setup like they were at a picnic, others like they were cold and homeless, and some others as though loitering. As I walked around I got a sense from everyone there that an earthquake was coming, and a big one at that. However, it wasn't an earthquake that showed up. It began as this low humming and soon became this incredible vibration that shook me to my core. It was strongly impacting everyone else as well. I soon came to understand that this was Jesus's voice I was hearing, and He was singing a very joyful, happy song that was vibrating and shaking everything. It was very powerful, but not a painful powerful. I felt an overwhelming, powerful love flowing through it, along with an incredible peace, and a joy, that was beyond description or words. What was really interesting was that some people heard the voice, felt the shaking, and immediately got up and fled. Others, however, got up and began to worship God and Jesus. I came to understand that the ones who had fled were fake Christians who weren't actually saved, but were merely sitting in church pretending to be saved while acting wholly self-righteous and falsely pious. It only took Jesus mere speaking to drive them, and their demons, to flee leaving behind only true believers, and no fakers or "Churchians".

Jesus then called us all over to this one room, which was closed off to us by a pair of heavy wooden doors barricaded and blocked by a wall of thick, cardboard cutouts in the shape of people. Because they were there we couldn't go through. Jesus spoke to them (the cardboard cutouts) with great authority and they violently caught fire and burned to ash. We were then able to enter the room without further restriction. Inside Jesus communed with each one of us individually. I could hear Him speaking very directly and personally to me, and I could also very clearly see Him doing the same thing with everyone else there too. Each one of us was getting a very special, individual, personal time with Jesus, all at the same time. We were there for what I understood to be about an hour, the entire time of which Jesus was preparing each of us for a new missions work He had prepared for each of us. He then released us from the room to go out into the entire world, preach the gospel, reach the lost, and witness of Him. I didn't get an idea of how long we would be continuing to work, but my understanding was that it'd only be a short time, as part of a huge, worldwide revival that would bring in the last of those to be saved in the church age. The dream ended.

I share this in case it is beneficial or edifying to others.

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