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Dream: The Mountain Fireball
Sunday, September 4th, 2022 12:29pm
Keywords: Dream, God, Mountain, Judgment, Lesson, Blasphemy, Warning

This dream starts out with myself, and a large group of people, both friends, and strangers alike, hiring a wilderness outfitter company (they're the ones who rent you gear, then take you into the wild for an adventure) who takes us into this pine forest, and up to the summit of this large mountain that looked like an extinct volcano.  We had fun for the afternoon then began our trek back.  As we did, we stopped off at this one station to rest where one of the members of the group (one of the strangers that came with us) started sort of this snake oil salesman's pitch about religion, power, and so on, and was doing it in a way that essentially mimicked, yet also mocked, the Jewish tabernacle, and God, and all the practices, sacrifices, etc that were held in it.

He then produces sort of this square, foldable, portable trash can, and covers it with this purple felt cloth that's covered with witchcraft and Masonic symbols.  He then tells people to put their offerings (money, food, etc) into this purple felt covered trash can and he would pray to his "god" to give them health, wealth, and anything else they desired.  So the strangers who were with us went all in and started throwing pretty much everything they had into this trash can alter that the snake oil guy was standing over and had setup.  However, myself and my friends, knowing what this was, and the symbolism of it, only watched, but didn't participate in any way.  Suddenly, in the middle of this clearly pagan ritual and "offering", I saw this brilliant light suddenly fill the purple covered trash can alter and grow exponentially in power in only a few moments.

Realizing what was about to happen, and that this was God's doing (the brilliant light, not the trash can alter), I was like, "Oh, this isn't gonna end well."  The next thing I remember was that the "camera" like view of the dream panned out to a wide angle view of the mountain, looking directly at where we were standing, but viewed from a good 20 miles or so away.  Suddenly this almost nuclear like explosion went off and literally vaporized everything on the side of the mountain.  The camera view then switched back to where I was standing before, just as the blinding light of the explosion was fading away, and I noticed that, not only was I unharmed, my friends weren't harmed either.  Nor were the surrounding trees, rocks, birds, etc.  The only things that had been vaporized were the snake oil guy, the trash can alter, the people throwing into the alter, and all their gear.

So basically anything they owned, or was associated with them, had been destroyed so thoroughly as to not even leave a trace that they'd even existed.  Yet nothing we had, nor anything of nature, was harmed, despite having been at ground zero for this massive explosion.  The context of it sorta reminded me of the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace.  After this we talked and fellowshipped for a while before walking back in the jeeps of the outfitter company and heading to the base of the mountain.

The dream ends there.  To me, this dream points to the idea that God will judge all those who openly, defiantly, and blatantly blaspheme Him.  That seemed to also be the message we were given in the dream as well.  However, that message wasn't for the snake oil guy or his followers/worshipers.  It wasn't even really for my friends and I, who were all believers.  It almost felt like God was providing an object lesson for us, while judging the blasphemers, so that we could take that message, and that warning, to the unsaved, or anyone else who might consider blaspheming God as a warning to NOT do that.  And, I don't see this as being out of character for God as He even says as much in His word.

So we had His word about that, but then this extra example added on top to help encourage anyone dumb enough to even consider something like this to absolutely NOT do this because God was done tolerating this type of behavior, and was about to start dealing with it with an iron rod.  And I don't feel like this was God being "mean" so much as, "I'm done winking at this, and now I'm going to fulfill my words as written, so this is your final warning to stop now, or not even start to begin with, or your judgment for this abhorrent sin will be severe and instant."  In many ways I think the ideas put forward here mirror what'll happen in the Tribulation where God will finally say enough is enough.  Anyhow, just wanted to share that with all of you.

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