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Dream: The Gift of Riches, and the Storage Box
Saturday, July 24th, 2021 4:39pm
Keywords: Dream, Riches, Storage Box, Bank, Account, Money, Gift, Recovery

The dream began with me walking into my bank, and up to the teller's window. I wasn't there to make a deposit, or do a withdrawal. I was there because I'd been called in so they could talk with me. Anyhow, I come up to this teller window and the teller there says "Someone has sent you $22m and we would like to place it in your bank account as it's for you." (man, do i wish someone would do that for me for real) There was no explanation of who sent it, or how it arrived, or that they even knew it was for me. All I know is they gave $22m to the bank and told them it was for me, and the bank contacted me so they could put it in my account. Why they didn't just look up my account and put it there, I have no idea, other than maybe they were being cautious in case this was a scam, trap, or they simply wanted to be sure it got in the right account.

One thing to note about the teller window is that there was this really deep counter that sat in front of it. It was so deep you couldn't hope to get close to the teller window without climbing onto it. Even leaning over it you couldn't touch the window if you tried. IE, it was as though it was there to separate you from the teller window. It wasn't quite 6ft of separation, but you sure wouldn't have an easy time handing something to the teller. So, without giving away my account number to the others standing there, he decided to move to another window at the far left end (his right) where I could go around the counter and get close to the window. However, even then it made it difficult interacting with the teller. Along the way he asks me again for my account number.

I start to recite it, then stop, realizing there's some shady customers in the bank (almost like MIB's) who I didn't want to overhear my account number given what was about to be given to me. I mean, you talk about the ultimate snatch and grab. If they knew about the money, and got my account number, yep, that money would be gone overnight. So anyhow, I then grabbed this piece of paper, wrote my account number on it. He took it, did a few quick keystrokes, then handed me a receipt that showed a little over $22m in the bank (this was the deposited $22m, plus what I already had in there). I then put that in my pocket, and left to go pull things out of my storage locker. Upon arriving at the place where the locker was, I see this huge wall of what looked like PO boxes, with glass front doors, and every one of them had ammo boxes in them.

The majority were shotgun shells (pumpkin ball and sabot slugs, as well as shot of various sizes), but also rifle and pistol ammo of assorted sizes. My first thought was, "Well, that's just inviting smash and grab theft on an epic scale." Anyhow, I kept looking through these storage boxes, but didn't see mine. So I went in the store and the manager was like, "Oh yeah, we removed yours, along with a bunch of others, because we're consolidating stores." Um, this was the same store, and they only had one, so no idea what he was talking about. Anyhow, he then says that the stuff from those boxes were taken downstairs in the basement where they could be kept until we could come pick them up. So he leads me to the basement to see if I can identify which was the stuff from my box.

On our way down I noticed that the stairs to the basement were super narrow and steep, and ice covered. So without the hand railings, one would've likely slipped and fallen to the bottom and gotten hurt. Anyhow, I got down that safely, and as I'm looking around I see piles of boxes. He mentions that I probably won't find my stuff as they had a flood and a bunch of boxes were ruined, along with their contents, so they threw them out. Even so, I don't give up. I eventually find my stuff in this glass box and identify it. He says I'm okay to take it. However, as I'm picking up the box I see that there's a coin machine on top where I have to pay to unlock the box. He seems okay letting me take box and all despite this. Personally I'm not worried that it's locked in this glass box as I intend to smash it and retrieve my stuff that way, coin machine or not. The dream ends there.

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