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Dream: The Failed Flight
Sunday, November 19th, 2023 12:33pm
Keywords: Dream, Flight, Wandering, Problems, Water, Flood, Demolision, Traveling

In this dream I'm standing in a group of people at what appears to be a construction site where we're all working to build something, but I'm not exactly sure what.  Probably roads, buildings, etc.  Anyhow, at some point I turn and leave there to return to the city.  But as I do I get behind a group of men who all look like perfect cookie cutter copies of each other walking in a single file line in the same direction towards what I assume is the same destination.  The problem is, they're walking super slow, and the road/pathway we're on passes between two low stone walls making it impossible to pass them, and go faster than they are.  At this point, getting frustrated with the wait, I activate my ability to fly and sail up into the sky like superman. (pose and all too!!)  I remember flying over the land fairly comfortably for a ways before switching from a horizontal superman flying pose to a standing post as though I were still on the ground.

As I'm flying I remember thinking, and noticing that my front wallet (I carry two wallets, each with a different purpose) was missing, as was one other item (keys, maybe) that I knew I needed, but can't remember what it was.  I remember thinking that I needed to go find those and put them back in my pockets.  Anyhow, as I'm flying, I suddenly get the feeling that something isn't right, and that my ability to fly may cut out at any moment.  Being as high up as I was, I felt it safer to begin descending down to the ground because of this.  So I start my descent, and as I'm getting close to the ground I cross over this villa with an enclosed pool/pond it it.  I kid you not, the moment I passed over that pool, just as I'd been sensing, my ability to fly cut out and I fell out of the sky, and straight down into that pool with a frustrated scream and a splash.  I remember being worried that I had just ruined my phone by falling in that water.  After hitting the water, it took me a moment to get back to the surface again.

I remember too being under the water for a bit, and not knowing for sure if I'd reached the surface or not.  Since I'd closed my eyes when I hit the water, I decided to open them, only to realize that I had indeed reached it, even though I hadn't initially realized it.  I then made my way out of the pool and over to one of the two heavy metal doors that lead into the pool.  I remember hoping that I could get out those doors because, if my phone was toast, I wasn't getting out of there anytime soon, and that wasn't a good thing.  Thankfully I found that the door in front of me was partially ajar, and opened easily.  It looked like the door had been worked on, but never fully repaired, as part of the latching mechanism was missing, thus preventing it from fully closing.  I then went out a second door just past the first one, and out onto a small driveway that sat in front of a suburban street.  I then ran out into the street, turned right, and ran for a ways.  Along the way the hood of my sweat top appeared over my head, and tried to close itself off to blind me.

But I was able to successfully remove it before continuing on.  I eventually stopped when I came to a nearby intersection that was heavily flooded.  I remember decrying the fact that it was flooded, and then remembered that, um, I'm already soaking wet, so it won't make any difference if I run down this flooded street or not at this point.  So I laugh, run out into the flood, and then hurry down the street.  Eventually I come to the neighborhood where my old church (the one I grew up in) was and, just as I arrive, I noticed that someone has come in and tore down most of the buildings there, as they were building a factory in their place.  Among the buildings still to be torn down, despite other construction having already started, was my old church, the Catholic church across the street, and the local fancy dining place called Schulers.

I remember bemoaning this, crying, "No, not Zion!!" (the church from my childhood was called Zion Lutheran Church)  As I looked at the church, I could see that demolition had already started and it would only be a matter of time before they completed it.  As I studied this, I noticed a man open a door on the 3rd floor that lead from inside the church out into nothingness.  IE, if he'd walked through that door he'd have fallen 3 stories to his death.  I then turned and left, heading back towards the center of town.  The dream ended there.

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