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Dream: The Dirty Storage Room
Monday, October 2nd, 2023 2:50pm
Keywords: Dream, Room, Trash, Cleansing, Purging, Cats, Boxes, Books, Old Things

In this dream I find myself standing in this large room, probably 10x30 in size, maybe bigger, and it's filled to the brim with stuff, like books, old military clothes, etc.  The room is dark and dingy, like the windows are closed, and isn't scary, just kinda old feeling.  In there I find an old big of military kit from other countries, like France and stuff.  IE, antiques.  I play around with them a bit, then get frustrated when doing so is more bother than it's worth.  I then try on an old army camo uniform.  However, as I do this it tears and rips, because it's worn thin and seen WAY too much use.

I then begin exploring other parts of the room and discover that its filled with old things from my past, old books, boxes of stuff, containers, etc.  Just shelves and shelves, piles and piles, and all of it felt like it needed to be gotten rid of, or if not thrown out, then just no longer useful to me.  As I'm exploring the room I come to this one corner and there's a window there that appears broken, and needs to be replaced.  To my right is something akin to a garage door, and it's the same thing.  IE, broken, with holes and obvious damage, and the bottom is breached to where stuff from the outside can get in.

Just then I notice these cats sneaking in, and as they come in they either bring kittens with them, or they have the litter right there.  I try to shoo them out, but they won't go.  I then turn around and find that other cats have gotten in, and are doing the same thing.  I then notice this large, wooden box, made of plywood, sitting in the middle of a row of things in the room.  Curious of what's in it, I open it up and find another cat, with kittens inside it, along with a couple nice, warm, comfortable wool blankets.  However, as I begin inspecting the blankets, I notice that there are mice hiding inside, I believe 12 in total, although I couldn't get a clear count.

I immediately throw the blankets back over them, and slam the lid shut.  I then look around the room and start trying to plan on how to get everything out of that room that shouldn't be there, starting from the worst items that must go. to the stuff that doesn't have to, but also isn't useful anymore, and probably should be gotten rid of.  I also remember not wanting to waste anything, so I consider giving away some of the things, but then I get this strong feeling that no, all of it must be put in the trash and not passed along, and that applied to both the things that had to go, and the things that were optional.  The dream ends there.

-------------- Part 2 ---------------------

As I was pondering this over the next day, the Lord gave me an interactive vision (those are really kinda neat as it's a vision, but participatory on my part) showing the room again.  Out of everything in the room, that wooden box with the mice in it was the first thing I had to get rid of.  Strangely, I felt attached to it, despite the mice in it, and didn't want to let it go.  But the feeling to get rid of it got stronger.  So in the vision I picked it up, walked over to the large garage door, and opened the door.  I found myself standing on this loading dock of sorts, below which was a dumpster.

Being again pressed to get rid of the box, the mice, etc and throw it out, I tossed the box into the trash.  To my surprise, this thing, like a gigantic, living piece of chewing gum shot out of the box and latched onto my hand, around the wrist area, and wouldn't let go no matter how much effort I put into removing it.  The vision ended there.  It resumed again the next day as I was contemplating this conundrum.  This time, however, I was told merely to grab the used chewing gum like creature, and pull it off my arm, which it surprisingly came free very easily this time.

I then dropped it, and the box, into the trash, and it went with no further issue.  However, as I turned around, I noticed that the box had returned.  So I picked it up and threw it out three more times.  No dice.  It kept coming back.  Curious about this, and what might be causing this, I went over and opened the box.  However, this time it was empty.  Repeated attempts to get rid of the box later on in further visions produced the same results.  And I know God wants me to get rid of that box, then start working on other things, but I can't seem to get rid of it, and I don't know why.  It always comes back when I throw it out.  Empty, yes, but still it returns.  Unfortunately, I can't move on to removing other things until that's gone. :(

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