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Dream: The Decaying, Abandoned House
Thursday, April 1st, 2021 5:43pm
Keywords: Dream, House, Decay, Wedding Reception, Death, Rot, Abandonment

While taking a nap today, I had this dream.  If a dream is realistic and memorable, I tend to take those as God Dreams, and like to write them down on the chance that they're a message from God, which they usually are.  Anyhow, here's the latest one.  I haven't done any interpretation on it, aside from a little poking around with some of the items in the dream, such as the colors.  However, if someone wants to interpret this for me, please do.  And sorry about it's length.  A lot happened in there.  There was a lot more that happened in the dream than this.  But, since I don't remember them, I don't consider them important.  So I'm only listing the parts I do remember.  And PS, this is NOT an April Fools joke.  This is a legit dream that I had today.  Anyhow, here's the dream:


The Decaying, Abandoned House

The dream begins in an old decaying house. The house is empty of any furnishings, like it was abandoned long ago and nothing was left behind except the house. I remember it starting out where I was in the house, in a stairwell, leading down to a lower part of the house that was devoid of oxygen, or could potentially be. Other people were there with me, and it was like we were on a school trip. I remember one of the boys coming down from the main floor with me as we explored this house, sorta on a history lesson about days past. Everywhere around me the wooden floors, beams, etc, were all dry rotted and crumbling. Some parts of the floor was secure, others were not. So you had to be careful where you walked lest you fall through the floor to your doom. (Trust me, this was NOT a safe place to take kids. Not by a mile) I remember the boy that came with me was wearing a breather mask to make up for the lack of oxygen in this one part that, in some ways, resembled the inside of a mine. The breathing device he had required manual intervention to work right.

I'm not sure if this is important or not, but there were two buttons on the mask, one on the left for oxygen, and one on the right for expelling used gasses. The idea was you pressed the left button and took in a blast of pure oxygen. Then there was an inflatable air bladder below the mask that you would exhale into, then inhale from. Then on the 4th time you inhaled, you would press the exhaust button on the right, and exhale, pushing out all the expended air before pressing the button on the right again to bring in more fresh air. The rhythm was Inhale (with O2), exhale, inhale (from the bag), exhale, repeat this twice more, on the last exhale, hit the right button and blow out the used air. I think the idea here goes with the way the human body processes air, that you only actually consume about 40% of what you inhale. So I think the purpose of the 4 step breathing rhythm was to save your O2 supply as long as possible by maximizing your usage. Once I got him squared away on his breathing pattern where he could reliably operate the manual breather system, I then spread out and explored the area. I remember finding a pit, about 20-30 feet deep and scoped it out with my flashlight. I then crawled partway down to explore the empty shaft before climbing out. When I looked down again I found the shaft/pit filled with this swirling black fog, through which my flashlight neither pierced, nor reflected any light. I then retreated upstairs with the others and we began exploring the house.

While walking around I got a phone call. When I answered a sweet young woman told me that I was invited to this banquet and it was this really ritzy black tie affair, and she described the food (man, it sounded so amazing my mouth was watering) it made me really hungry. But I refused. When asked by my friends why I didn't want to go, I tugged at my clothes, and said, "I don't have anything that fancy! The best I have is a white shirt and tie. Otherwise all I have is tshirts and rags. I can't go there like this!" I remember one other detail about the banquet I was invited to was it was some High School reunion type celebration, the food we were being served was something in the neighborhood of $1000 a plate (not sure if that was for charity purposes, or if the food really cost that much), and they were having an auction afterwards, where the minimum bid on the items being sold was $1000. My cheap bone about exploded upon hearing that. Anyhow, we then resumed our exploration of the house, and we continued to find more and more empty rooms, all of which were suffering great decay and dry rot. You had to be careful where you walked or you'd fall through the floor. One of my classmates almost did as he stepped out into this large ballroom. A friend of his caught him and kept him from doing more than breaking through, but not falling into the basement through the floor.

I then wandered outside to this kinda post apocalyptic city landscape of decrepit buildings that were falling apart and crumbling, and all of which looked to be long abandoned. As I walked, I found what looked like an abandoned carnival or circus attraction. The area where I was had some rides, a skyway bridge, and what looked like a train that was partially packed with little bumper cars, without the bumper part. IE, like they were part of a carnival ride that had either been removed, or was in the process of being assembled, and was stored in layers in this one series of train cars. I could only see the upper layer, but I was made to understand that there was more below the plywood layer I was seeing, and that this train car was one of the attractions, and had its seats removed, and the two layers added to it to make shipping and storage easier for the cars that were packed into it. Upon closer examination, it looked like they were either setting up the carnival, or tearing it down, and were about halfway through that effort when everyone just dropped what they were doing and simply walked away, leaving everything in a half assembled/disassembled state. Again, I'm not sure if they were coming or going, simply that they'd been halfway through this effort when something happened that made them drop everything and walk away right in the middle of it.

I then remember walking back inside and stumbled upon a large ball room fully furnished for a wedding. I remember understanding that people had come in, put this together, and then left. The room was setup like a normal wedding reception, with the head table, for the bride, groom, and wedding party, at one side of the room, raised above all the other tables on what looked like a low set stage of a couple feet of height, just enough to raise them above the attendees. Every table and chair in the room was covered with silk tablecloths, or chair covers, and the floor was covered in what looked like a silk sheet or napkin, covering over the dry rotted, decrepit floor underneath. Even the walls, floor and ceiling was covered over to hide the rot. It was literally a 5 star+ setup. Really, really ritzy and expensive. What was odd about it though was the feel of the room, and the look. The room really felt off, not evil, just off, like something was wrong. So I didn't enter. But I took note of the colors of the room, which ranged from cherry red, burgundy red, sapphire red, various shades of blue, and even quite a bit of purple. But not a drop of white, or any type of joyful colors in the room. None. Just red, blue and purple, and their various shades.

And the emptiness stood out to me too. Once the room was setup and prepared, the room was completely devoid of anyone. Neither wedding party, nor servants, nor anybody. And, as stated before, even I stayed out of the room. Anyhow, I then left and began exploring again, and came across some pretty desolate, somewhat creepy rooms, even a bedroom with a dead guy on a bed in the corner. Oddly, I wasn't scared the entire time. Just more curious, and justifiably cautious. I then walked into this other room and when I entered I found a king sitting next to a table, on which was this absolutely massive, and I mean MASSIVE cake. From what I could tell, it was easily 10 layers or more. Big, big sucker that'd take four really strong men to bring in. Nearby, reclining on a couch was this one really sick looking man. The poor guy looked to be on death's door, with this almost zombie like stare. From what I was to understand, everyone knew he was about to die, and were just waiting for the moment when that would happen. I then heard the king say to his people, "From now on, when someone morns, I want you to morn with them." Apparently this decree was because people in his kingdom were cruel and malicious, and either mocked, derided or scoffed at those who were morning. So this was his attempted solution to that issue.

I then looked back at the table, the king, and the cake, and noticed the king was picking at the edges of the cake. Curious as to why he was doing this, I took a closer look and noticed that the entire frosted exterior of the cake, save for the top, was gone. Literally someone had come in and completely stripped away the entire outer frosting cover of the cake, leaving behind this ragged, carved up, ugly looking thing, which the king was trying to clean up and make look nice, but wasn't exactly succeeding at doing. He was even trying to trim the heavy cardboard plate that the cake had come on, but was making an absolute mess of that, which just made things worse. About this time I heard what sounded like the roar of jet engines behind me. Looking around I saw what looked like a scifi shuttle craft whoosh through this gigantic opening in the side of the house, and setup the room behind us in the exact same way as the previous wedding reception hall. The pilot then came in and apologized to the king for all the noise, of which he brushed it off as no bother.

The man then left, and I remember looking at the room where the starship guy had setup a wedding reception, but once again I did not feel like going in. I did take note that the room was setup 100% identical to the previous reception room, albeit in a different part of the house. Beyond that, everything was setup exactly the same, down to the exact same color scheme and everything, even where each color was located in the room, and everything. It even had the same feel as before. I remember not wanting any part of that room, even the second time. So I left. The dream ended.

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