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Dream: The Cotton and Wheat Harvests
Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 12:08am
Keywords: Dream, Wheat, Cotton, Harvest, Bumper Crop, Blizzard, Unable to Continue

In my dream, it was fall, and we were helping local farmers bring in the wheat harvest.  And what a harvest it was!  It was the bumper crop of all bumper crops.  However, as I was completing the field I was in, just needing to clean up the minor gleanings (ie, little strips of unharvested wheat) I'd missed, it suddenly began to snow crazy hard.  But, it wasn't regular ice snow.  It was a very thick blanket of ginned cotton.  (This is cotton that's already cleaned up and ready to be made into cotton based products.)

It covered absolutely everything from horizon to horizon in thick drifts of pure white cotton, forcing me to stop my combine to avoid damaging it, or spoiling the full load of wheat berries I had in the hopper.  I remember picking up a wad of this ginned cotton and sniffing it.  To my surprise, it smelled like a laundry fresh cotton shirt.  Seeing all that ginned cotton, I remember wanting to harvest it as soon as possible, as I didn't want this golden opportunity at free cotton to be lost.  However, when I reached for the controls to move the combine, I discovered that they'd been covered a good foot thick in this cotton snow, forcing me to dig through it to find the controls again.

However, I was having a lot of trouble doing this.  As I was digging, my friends came by (those helping me in the fields) to see if they could help me move the combine so I could unload, swap heads and start harvesting this cotton from heaven.  However, somewhere in my efforts to find the controls, I somehow mysteriously broke them, rendering the combine unable to move.  As such, I could no longer move the combine, nor take advantage of the free cotton harvest that now surrounded me in deep, snowy like drifts.  Nobody else had this issue, nor could we seem to fix the combine.  The dream ends there.

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