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Dream: The Cluttered House
Saturday, June 1st, 2024 1:41pm
Keywords: Dream, House, Clutter, Food, Hoarding, Giving, Failing

In this dream I'm in a house with my mom and dad and, as I'm walking around I discover that the place is packed to the gills with things.  Pots, pans, plates, tupperwear, food, clothes, shoes, tools, electronics, etc, etc, etc.  It looks like a hoarders paradise, but it's all useful things, rather than junk that was never thrown away.  The basement is full to overflowing, the upstairs, every room, the kitchen, etc.  Literally everywhere was filled with this stuff.

I then found out that we had not one, not two, but twelve places we were storing food in large freezers, or fridge/freezer combinations.  I then began lamenting that we (mostly them) had bought all this stuff, and how that, instead of filling our house with things (be they practical or otherwise) we should've taken the money used to buy them, and instead used it to help people.  I then realize that the food we have stored, despite being frozen in many cases, is gonna go bad unless we use it.

Mom and dad agree, so we start trying to find ways to use up the food, not wastefully, or strictly for ourselves, but rather to help others.  I then start trying to make bread, fix eggs, and do what I can, but I feel like I'm fighting this uphill battle, and losing badly.  During this mom seems incapable of helping out, and dad just stands around, and is like, "Why not just give it to them," but I'm like, "We can, but what if they waste it?  What if they don't know how to prepare or cook it themselves?  We do, but maybe they don't?  So let's do it for them."

Obviously, the fastest way to clear out all this food would've been to just give it to them as is, and let them handle the rest, but instead I was trying to do it all and feed everyone, but was just not succeeding at all at this, and getting more frustrated the harder I tried.

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