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Dream: The Closet Encounter
Saturday, March 16th, 2024 1:29pm
Keywords: Dream, Closet, Cleaning, Rot, Decay, Cleansing

In this brief dream I enter my bedroom and over to my walk in closet where I see this older man standing in there going through boxes I've stored in there. Seeing him there briefly startles me, but then I soon realize who it is. I soon ask him, "What are you doing in there?" He then turns and shows me that he's going through the boxes stored in there, opening up each one, and removing things. However, the things he's removing are bowls, plates, cups and mugs of rotten, spoiled, moldy food. I then enter the closet to get close to the old man to look at his work.

I then watch as he lifts one of the bowls out of the box, holds it out for me to see, and looks at me in disappointment like, "How could you let this happen?" He then tosses out the contents, scattering them into the closet before putting the now clean bowl (clean like it went through a dish washer) back into the box. He does this over and over again until every plate, bowl, cup and box is absolutely immaculate and clean, after which he closes up each box and puts it away. I then complain to him, saying, "Hey, you're making a mess of my closet!" I then use my void space singularity skill (see explanation below) to immediately sweep up all the rotten, moldy food that he tossed out which makes the room clean again. Upon doing this he smiles approvingly at me, and then continues his work.


Interpretation. I believe this brief dream is about some spiritual cleansing God is, and has been doing in my life. He's gone into the dark, closed off, sheltered corners of my life and begun opening boxes (secrets or secret places, hidden things, etc) and removing evil things from them such as spiritual rot, sins, decay, etc. In doing so He is cleaning up those parts of my soul, and removing those items from my life, leaving behind cleaned, sterilized, purified containers and vessels that He then puts back for later use. He doesn't refill them with new, fresh things, nor does he destroy or throw them away. It's as if He's setting them aside for later use when they will be filled with good things that He wants me to cherish and store in my heart. Also, as He exposes these things, and brings them out into the open during the cleaning, He shows me that He is upset at me for harboring these sinful, evil things all this time. But, when I immediately clean them up, and cleanse them from my life, He is pleased with me, as I have done the right thing. So the dream has multiple parts, and multiple meanings, some of which are revelation, some chastisement (I wouldn't say condemnation, so much as just disappointment), and some spiritual cleansing.

Also, as a point of note for those unfamiliar with the term "void space singularity skill", this is a special ability or skill that belongs to one of the story characters I'm building for an upcoming novel (if you've read my "Castle of the Despot" dream, you will have met him already as God has already used him in at least one of my other dreams). In summary, this skill consists of two parts. The first is the "void space", which is a pocket of inner dimensional space in which no matter, or living entity, can exist, or survive. Thus, anything that is put in there is ripped apart, destroyed, and reduced to simple string energy, which is the most basic, fundamental, and foundational building block of all matter that exists within the universe. Without string energy, nothing can exist.

Singularity skill, on the other hand, is a adaptation of this ability that makes up for a shortcoming of the "void space" skill which is the fact that it only opens a portal into void space, but of itself cannot draw or put anything into it. You have to manually do that. This is where the singularity skill comes into play. It uses a specially created, and highly controlled pocket of intense gravity (aka a singularity) to draw targeted items into the void space, like a vacuum cleaner sucks in dirt, to simplify disposal or removal of them. Thus my use of the singularity skill in the dream to clean up all the garbage that was tossed out into the room by the old man, without upsetting or pulling in anything else, is accurate to how the skill is described and used in the novel.

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