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Dream: The Cat Shop
Sunday, March 13th, 2022 1:55pm
Keywords: Dream, Cats, Shop, Evil, Disgusting, Turds, City

In this dream I'm standing on a street, sorta in the "Old Town" part of the city, and in my hands is my cat named Hemi. I remember I was holding him, trying to give him his medications from the vet, and despite how difficult this was, he was being really understanding about the whole thing. After completing this we walk down the street past some shops, and as we do, we notice cats inside one of the shops. Upon seeing this, Hemi jumps down and gets all really excited, like an over hyper dog, and asks if we can go in. So I agree. Upon entering we find the floor of the place just covered with cat poop everywhere. It's being left by these young cats, probably 3-4 months old, who look very sad and uncomfortable, and are constantly defecating in the floor as they walk around, leaving cat turds everywhere as they do.

Despite this, my cat walks up to them all excited, sniffs them, and says, "These are my brothers and sisters!' and acts very excited to see them, like they'd been apart for a long while. He then proceeds deeper into the store to look for others. I follow him in, doing my best not to step in any of the cat poop on the floor. However, as I get about halfway in, this one cat turd leaps up from the floor, and jumps into my mouth. I immediately do my best to NOT swallow it. But, it keeps trying to fight its way down my throat, no matter how hard I try to stop it. This then causes me to have a gag reflex, and begin to throw up. Just as this starts, the scene changes to a cartoonish view inside my throat, as though you were watching an educational cartoon in school. It shows my throat, the back of my tongue, and the cat turd that's doing its best to crawl down my throat and into my stomach.

At this same moment, this cartoonish rush of puke (sorry if this is sounding super gross, but this is what I saw) comes up from my stomach and intercepts the turd. The weird part was, the turd, and parts of the puke, had these sorta cartoon eyes, and cartoon look to them, like they were alive. I then watched as the puke heroes/blobs/whatever they were, grab the cat turd, and wrestle it into the midst of them. They eventually were able to remove all traces of the turd from my throat, and tongue, and heroically carry them out of my mouth, and onto the floor. The view then returns to me again (non-cartoonish) in the store, showing me barfing on the floor (sorta finishing up the previous action scene). I felt pleased that the turd had been removed from my body, even though I had to puke to do it. Just then all the cat turds in the store literally leapt into the air and hung there, as though preparing to attack me.

I looked at this somewhat incredulously, and said, "Well that's unfortunate," and immediately teleported out of the store. A split second later all the cat turds leapt at the place I'd been formerly standing, and ended up hitting nothing, save only the walls, or the few glass dividers that were there, and simply bouncing off, and falling to the floor like they'd become inert again. The view then changes to the store owner, who was standing at the back of the store, and who looks dark and evil and malicious. He's standing there holding my cat Hemi in his arms as though he plans to do something with him (maybe enslave him like the other cats?), and is clearly upset that I escaped him. Hemi, with this big, silly, somewhat bemused grin on his face, looks up at the owner, and says, "Well, dad's left, so I've gotta go," and then teleports out of the shop leaving the store owner behind.

The store owner gets irate, and orders his cat turd minions to find me by any means necessary. The scene then shifts to me on the same street as before, but some several blocks away. A moment later my cat appears in front of me and leaps happily into my arms. We then continue on down the street to begin other adventures. The dream ends there.

Footnote: The entire dream was viewed almost like you were watching a Youtube video that'd been recorded by a 3rd party camera, or Go Pro that was operating nearby.  I also have no idea if this dream is prophetic or not.  But, even if it was, it was a LOT of fun. :)

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