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Writing Update: Progress Report
Saturday, February 20th, 2021 2:40pm
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For those of you who enjoy my periodical progress reports about my writing, I thought I'd send out another one to all of you, since it's just about that time again. :)  So here's the latest updates from me on my writing:

Overall Status: Presently, as mentioned before, I'm still in a work stoppage for publishing new books.  When that'll be lifted depends on several things, but the biggest is getting my Earthfleet books up to snuff.  As I've mentioned before, I'm going through each of these books and cleaning them up, improving them, and applying much of what I've learned about writing, editing, and more over the past 10+ years.  Once those are done, I'll return to regular publishing again, but my release timetable will be somewhat dynamic, rather that working with fixed schedules like before, as I feel those fixed schedules rushed me too much, and thus reduced the quality of my writing.  So, in respect to you, and the books, I'll be following one of those "It'll be done when it's done, and I'm downright satisfied with the work" kinda schedules.  Given how insanely busy I presently am at my job, my release schedule will go from every 6 months to somewhere in the neighborhood of a year or more as needed to make sure the books are the best they can be, and so I don't kill myself in the process. ;) ^_^;;

Earthfleet: Book 1 editing is done, and pushed out live for download and reading.  Thankfully, this didn't take as much to clean it up since I'd already been picking away at it long before this.  So it needed just one more edit to get it up to speed.  Book 2, eh, this one's been a bit more of a challenge.  In fact, it needed so much work that I'm shocked I ever published it, which goes back to the prior section about rushing stuff, as I'm really starting to think I rushed this one and didn't produce a quality product as a result.  Hence my dropping my fixed publishing schedule for a more flexible one.  At this point the book has grown by an astounding 12k words just from my efforts to properly flesh stuff out, fix plot holes, and correct story errors.  Yes, that's how bad off it was, and I didn't realize it until I started trying to clean it up recently.  I'm gonna be another few weeks to a month or more before I'm fully satisfied with this one, and ready to release it.  Books 3-6 are still in a pending state waiting on me to finish the edits on book 2.  Also, all edits I am doing are going to be classified as "Good enough" by my standards, which are thankfully pretty high, but not perfect.  I'll save the perfecting part for an editor when I get the money to do that.

Offworld Chronicles: Presently, book 6 is on hold, as is book 7.  Book 6 is roughly 95% done, and just needs another pass or two to get it ready.  Book 7 is....not even finished.  I still have a bunch of work to do on that.  So, as is my rule before releasing the prior novel in a series, book 7 needs to be completely finished, and have a few rough draft cleanups before I'll clear book 6 for release.  ETA for the release of book 6 at this point is probably mid 2022 given schedule constraints, and the need to cleanup Earthfleet in its entirety before I start moving again with this.  Sorry for the long delay, but in the end I believe you'll be glad I did.

New Books: I have, as you can see in my newly reformatted books section, the last two books for Offworld, plus "Weaver's Forge" planned for future releases.  I do have more than that, but those are the only one I have covers for right now, and I don't like to put up filler covers if I can help it. ;)  However, depending on how things go, I may do that.  The other one that I have partially done, albeit in need of a lot of work, is "The Specimen", which will be another Earthfleet Expanded Universe novel.  After that, the sky's the limit.  I have, at least, 25 different novels and series to choose from, and will likely put up a poll at some point and ask everyone to choose which one of the upcoming stories you want me to work on.  We'll move forward from there once a choice is made.

Anyhow, that's my latest update.  Enjoy. :D

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