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Writing Update: Offworld Chronicles 7 and Status Report
Friday, April 30th, 2021 3:40pm
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For those of you who keep up with me and the progress reports on my writing, I just wanted to let all of you know, I was able to finally finish the rough draft, and tie everything together, for Offworld Chronicles 7 - Journey's End.  So that now means that the initial rough draft, which I have struggled so hard to complete, is now done.  And, just in case you were wondering, everyone dies in the end.  JUST KIDDING! :D  Sorry, I had to josh all of you a little.  But seriously, you will all love the story when it eventually comes out.  Now, as for WHEN it will come out, that depends entirely on how quickly I'm able to get this book edited and cleaned up to a point where I'm happy with it.

And the Offworld Chronicles won't be the end of the story of Simon and his team.  For a few of them, yes, but not all.  And that's not a spoiler on what's going to happen in this series, but rather a foretelling of how the next series will open, namely the Planetfall series.  A couple of old favorites will be stepping aside, and some new blood will be entering the story.  But, I think you'll all agree, when you eventually read it, that it was a good choice.  Anyhow, not to distract any further from this great announcement about book 7, I'll leave things at that.  At this point I'm expecting to be able to release book 6 sometime in the next month or two, after a few more edits of book 7, and then I will be shooting for a February 2022 release of book 7.

It may show up sooner than that, but I'm being as flexible as I can be to ensure that the book doesn't appear until its absolutely ready.  After that I will probably beg off on anymore releases for a while as I still have cleanup on my Earthfleet series to complete, plus two nearly ready books there that need to be picked up again and finished, after which I'll circle back and begin releasing the Planetfall series.  Why the wait?  Well, if there's anything I learned from writing Offworld, it's that I want to be, not one book ahead, but rather at least 3-4, if not the whole darned series.  lol.  Yes, in order to produce a really good series, I kinda need to work quite a bit further ahead than I have been.

But, anyhow, the further details of that will be held for a future progress report.  Anyhow, look for the release announcement for book 6, "Troubled Waters" sometime no later than August 1st.  Although, I am kinda hoping for it to be a bit sooner than that.  But I want to be sure book 7 is evolving properly before that book is allowed to hit the wild.  Anyhow, that's all for this update.  Thanks everyone for reading, and please, please, start spreading the word about book 6, and the rest of the series so everyone knows. :)

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