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Writing Update: Late October 2022
Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 3:24pm
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Hello everybody!  Since it's been a couple months since I last updated you on the current status of my writing, especially given all the exciting things that are happen.  So let me give you a quick overview so I can quickly get you up to speed.

1.  Weaver's Forge - For those of you who have been excitedly, and anxiously waiting for this book to drop, all I'm waiting on is for my feedback readers to give me their 2c on the story, and if all passes muster, I should have this released sometime in the next two months.  Now I do realize this was supposed to be completed and released back in August.  However, if I'm going to release a book to you, I want to ensure that it's the best it can be.  So a few months of extra delay won't hurt anything.  And, when you finally read the story, I think you'll be greatly pleased that I did.

2.  After Offworld - This new series, which is currently a work in progress, consists of 3 short novels that cover events which occur on both Earth, and Offworld, after the completion of "The Offworld Chronicles" series.  The purpose of this trilogy is to wrap up all of the lose ends that couldn't be addressed in the original series, as they were too numerous, and voluminous, in their nature to readily address in a constructive, and proper way at the end of the original books.  So a separate series was spun up to deal with this issue, and bring good, and proper closure to the entire world that'd been created by those books, including the characters of Simon Williams, his team, the dragons, Maul Ratinar and his wolves, Section 17, and the humans who were left behind on the planet after the end of the race.  At the end of this trilogy the entire story of Offworld will be wrapped up, closed out, and finalized, with nothing more to tell, save for possibly a few small side stories that I am still undecided on.

At present I have completed book 1 "Homecoming", and am in initial editing and cleanup on that novel, with book 2 "The Weyrs of Offworld" being a work in progress that is well over half done, and charging towards soon completion, with just "The Rise of Offworld", which is book 3, still on my todo list.  I'm not sure of my ETA on the completion of this, but I figure that, at the rate I'm going, all principle writing should be done no later than February with a target release day sometime in May of 2023.  I'm also considering releasing these three books, since they are compatriot to one another, as a box set, rather than as three separate books.  However, I will decide that once I get closer to the release date.  And, if I don't release them as a box set, I will certainly consider releasing all three of them together at the same time for you to enjoy without the typical wait between releases.

3.  Future Books - Right now, once After Offworld is complete, I have three books on deck to be released.  The first is "Grumpy Ned - A Story of Thankfulness and Redemption", which is an expansion of my "Grumpy Ned" short story that I included in my Storyland Chronicles anthology.  This will be a parable of gratitude and thankfulness in every day things, even the littlest of those, and which also presents the question, "If you only kept the things you were grateful for, how much would you truly possess?"  Despite the title, I believe you'll find the story very enjoyable, heart warming, and soul searching in many deep and important ways.

The other two books are "The Unreachable Continent", which is also a parable novel, played out in a 1600's level society, and centers around a self made aristocrat who hears of a mystical land called "The Unreachable Continent" that he deeply desires to discover, and hopefully set foot on.  However, he soon discovers that there's reasons that this mysterious continent is considered to be unreachable, and the reasons behind this are quite thought provoking.

The third and last currently future novel, while also a parable of sorts, is so much more than that, as it follows the life of a younger aged man who pledges his entire life to God and asks God to use him in whatever way He so desires.  However, the things that God asks him to do are far and above what he ever expected would be asked of him.  This then leads him on a journey of personal discovery that is then used to positively impact the lives of others, and bring about the creation of the greatest work of God that has ever been seen in his little neck of the woods.  Trust me, this will be a fun story to read when it's done.  This is also one, just like Grump Ned, that will be created off of an earlier short story by the same name.

Anyhow, that's my latest update.  I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I pray you all look forward to the great stories and adventures that are coming up over the next several years.  And, when they do drop, I pray you enjoy reading each and every one of them as much as I will writing them.

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