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Writing Status Update for December 2019
Saturday, November 30th, 2019 5:38am
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Okay, first off, before anyone crucifies me for posting December 2019 in the title, while posting this on November 30th, chill out.  You're legally allowed to do that as we're close enough for it to count. ;)  Anyhow, I figured to drop a quick blog post to update everyone on where I am with my current and future writing efforts.

Current Works in Progress:

The White Mountains - After my latest editing pass, this book has reached a point where I feel that it's only one edit away from being publishing ready, which means it'll be done and ready to fly a good 2 months or so before release date, which is currently scheduled to be on February 1st, 2020, or somewhere very close to that date, as I traditionally like to do for my winter releases.  So, short of something catastrophic happening (I probably shouldn't say that given my luck, lol), book 4 of the Offworld Chronicles series will be released on our around that date.  Remember, my release dates are always "targets", and not fixed dates.  Mostly because a wide range of things can happen on our around that date which will have an impact on the actual release date.

Dark Wanderings - This book is considered to be in EARLY draft and is still undergoing a LOT of changes, additions, updates, etc.  I'm hoping, best case scenario, to get this up to at least a midlevel draft quality by the time book 4 releases.  ETA release date for this will be August 1st, 2020.  So book 5 is going to be my 2020 summer release, whereas book 4 will be my winter release for 2020.

Troubled Waters and Journey's End - These two are still classified as incomplete rough drafts as I'm still working out the full details of the stories and where things will go.  Ironically enough, I already have the ending for the series picked out which will be played out in the latter half of book 7.  ETA for these two will be Feb and August 2021 respectively.

Prospective Future Projects:

Ember Chronicles - This series, while still in the planning stages, is a follow-on to the Offworld Chronicles and will center around a different world called "Ember" and the long series of unfortunate events that surround the fall of Offworld immediately after the end of the race.  I don't have an ETA on when, or even *IF* I will start this series.  That'll depend on a number of things.  But it is on my list of possible future projects.

The Battling Mice of Mouseville - This book is planned to be a short novel, and my first foray into kids/young teen writing and fiction.  It centers around a village of mice, and one of whom is especially noteworthy, and their efforts to protect their own people, and the animals of the forest as well.

Starship Down - Archipelago - This is another scifi survival story, but with a twist.  Plenty of action, adventure, intrigue and more.

The Specimen - This is a stand alone book from the Earthfleet universe, and is a TBD title (ie, I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it or not) that will cover a unique colony of humans on a far away world who are unknowing, and unwitting specimens in a gigantic alien zoo of sorts, even though they don't know it.  This story will eventually draw in Earthfleet, the Ichigwa, and some other interested parties in the galaxy.

Beyond that, I'm not certain what I will be writing once I'm done with the Offworld Chronicles.  However, at this point, this is what I have planned going forward.  I'm hoping to eventually offer everyone something a bit more definitive on my future projects.  But, for now, this is the list.  Enjoy. :)

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