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Today I learned a lesson...
Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 2:41pm
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This post was originally made by IPOT1776, but I thought it was such a good life lesson that it needed to be shared by all.  Plus, with the risk of deplatforming going around, I though it best to preserve that post here on that off chance. Anyhow, here's his post, unedited, and in its entirety:

Today I went out to take a walk, and noticed a small bird trapped in a lobby, trying to find a way out. The facade of the building is all glass, so he kept running into the glass and getting knocked down, growing more frantic every time. His little bird friend was on the outside, trying to help, to no avail.

I walked over and tried to corner him, but knew he would be cautious, so I went back and forth, trying to corral him or guide him out the open door.

At one point, he clocked himself pretty good, which stunned him, and he stopped for a minute. I was able to give him just a little pet to let him know he could trust me. He gave me a curious look and tried to fly off, but knocked into the window again. This time I tried to encourage him to perch on my finger and just as he did, he panicked again, and flew off.

This time he flew high up and came down at such a speed, that when he hit the window, he knocked himself clean out and lay down on his side. I was mortified. I ran over to him and caught him just as he came to.

Once he was in my hands, I could feel that he was too tired to fight. I carried him out and whistled to his friend, then gently spoke to him as I stroked his poor knotted head. He looked up at me and I could tell that he realized he should have trusted me; but can you blame him? Poor guy.

He sat there for a while before finally flying away. Had he only just let those strange hands guide him to safety, instead of desperately flailing away at the same escape routes.

As I walked away, I realized that it was I, who had just received the life lesson.

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