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The irony of being an author
Sunday, October 6th, 2019 12:37pm
Keywords: Irony, Author, Writing, Problems, Trials, Tribulations

The irony of being an author:

Me: **Spends 3 years working on book**
Buyer: I shouldn't have to pay a dime for your book! You're greedy and selfish and you should give it away for free!!

Game Developer: **Spends 3 years working on game**
Same Buyer: OOOOOOO! $29.95 instant download! SWEET!! **throws cash at game**

Yes, that is my life it seems. I also find it greatly ironic that the same person mentioned above will throw $99 at a premium ship in World of Warships, yet won't spend $2.99 for a book I spent years working on and pouring myself into. And I'm not posting this to whine because my books aren't selling. I'm posting this to point out the general hypocrisy of the average person who wants my books and then crucifies me because I'm making them pay to get a copy, almost as if what I do isn't worth being paid for. **sigh** The frustrations of being an author. :(

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