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Ruining Your Writing Mojo (one car wreck at a time)
Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 6:06pm
Keywords: Car, Accident, Injury, Writing, Healing, Recovery

Yep, there's nothing quite so upsetting and life changing as a good old fashioned head on collision.  That car you see there in the picture, yeah, that's what's left of my car after being hit by a guy head on while traveling across an icy bridge.  The short story is, we were both crossing at the same time when he hit a patch of ice, lost control and hit me.  I'm okay, albeit a bit banged up.  The, not so much.  The irony of the whole thing is, it took a vicious hit, and the engine was still running after the accident.  No joke.  I actually had to turn off the engine, despite it being shoved all the way into the firewall.

That's Hondas for ya.  Tough as nails, even in the worst situations.  I'm very proud of how well my car held up, but also very sad to see it destroyed like that.  But, huge props to Honda for making such an incredible vehicle.  So, where does one's writing mojo come into all this?  Well, part of it is the fact that I'm so sore I'm more or less just letting myself heal, and not worrying about my books for a bit.  Now, that doesn't mean I'm stopping.  I'm just taking a break to let my bruised and busted body (I got a cracked rib as a painful accessory to the numerous bruises) heal itself.

So yeah, getting in a wreck totally wrecks your writing mojo for sure.  So I'm primarily posting this so everyone knows about the fact that, yes, I got in an accident, but I'm okay.  Sure, the car has seen better days, but oh well.  Cars can be replaced.  People, not so much.  So, I'm very thankful to be alive, and in reasonable health, despite the pain and injuries.  Do I plan to jump back in the saddle?  Yeah, at some point.  But lots of rest and healing comes first.  Either way, keep watching.  I'll let everyone know when I'm back again. :)

PS: If you want to help me out with post accident expenses, I've started a GoFundMe campaign here that you can donate to.  Thanks!!

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