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Pausing work again.
Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 7:41pm
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*sigh*  It seems like life just won't cut me a break.  Looks like, with the way stuff is going lately, I'm going to have to cancel my February release date.  I was hoping to hold to it, despite deciding to move to a floating release schedule, but yeah, live gave me a gigantic NOPE! and killed that idea in its tracks.  So yeah, until things settle down a bit, and I can actually do some writing, I'm putting everything on hold until further notice.  I'll let everyone know when that changes.

Now, if someone could spot me a gift of $350k so I can spend the next 5 years working on nothing but my books, that'd be awesome. ;) lol.  And I'm about as likely to see that happen as I am to win the lottery.  So yeah, I'll update everyone when I'm finally able to start moving on the writing again.  I'm hoping to keep giving updates as regularly as I can, but don't expect things to change much for a while.  Now, I do have time to update social media in the mornings when I'm first waking up, and throughout the day, so if you want to keep track of things, feel free to friend/follow me there and I'll let everyone know there when things start moving again for me.  Thanks everyone for your patience. :)

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