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Offworld Chronicles 4 - The White Mountains is going for PrePublication
Saturday, December 21st, 2019 1:30am
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Usually when I do my books, or prepare to release them, I usually either like to wait until the last minute to release them, or I end up having no choice but to wait until the last minute to release them due to hangups or other things.  This time I'm done a good 6 weeks out from the release date of February 1st, so this time I'm going to be doing a prerelease where all the books are preloaded into the various distributors allowing the book to be fully available on release day in all the normal locations rather than launching it on release day, or even a few days late, and then having to wait 2 weeks or more for everything to propagate out.  This time I plan to have everything in place ahead of time so that when release day comes, the books are live and available for download.  That means that Offworld Chronicles 4 - The White Mountains will be available for sale on schedule on Feb 1st, 2020.  So start getting excited.  It's just 6 weeks now until the book is released!  WOOHOO! :D

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