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Dream: Trump and the Purple Limo
Monday, February 21st, 2022 11:09am
Keywords: Trump, Limo, Royal, Purple, Power, In Charge, President, Leader, USA

Last night I had a brief dream that I thought was really interesting.  In it I'm walking through my old home town and, as I come to this one street that's in the back quarter, away from the main flow of traffic, I come across this huge, and I mean huge purple Limo parked along the curb, which is surrounded by heavily armed Secret Service agents, all dressed in black, who are standing guard over it.  I didn't feel threatened by them, or scared of them, but knew they were doing a very difficult job of protecting someone very important, and doing it well.

Not wanting to get them mad at me, by having my actions misconstrued as a possible threat, rather than simple curiosity, or get in the way of them doing their job, I stepped over to a nearby house, and stepped into the covered entrance where I sorta hid myself to stay out of sight, and out of their way.  As I did, I looked out this window on the side of it that looked out over the street, and where the limo was sitting.  Just then I see Trump appear in the street, escorted by still more Secret Service agents, and be ushered into the limo where he could be shielded and protected.  As they opened the door to let him in, I noticed on the door of the Limo was the seal of the President of the United States.


The dream, in general, symbolizes that Trump is still the president of the United States, and is still executing his place as president, but not in public view, or on the "main street" for all to see.  He was instead on the back roads, away from view, and away from those that could do him harm as he continued to work, and to fight for our nation.  The fact that he was in the suburbs, surrounded by "the common man" indicates that, unlike other presidents, he's not fighting for "main street", the power elite and the super wealthy, but rather for the common people of this nation, the true citizens of this land.

The purple limo, with the presidential seal, to me at least, symbolizes that Trump is still the "king" or "leader" of this nation (Purple is a royal color), and still in charge.  The rest is all a clown show, and a circus, an illusion to make you think that certain evil, wicked, Godless people are in charge, when they really are not.  And, while I couldn't see it in the dream, I could almost sense that, what was happening on the main street of my old hometown was sort of like a parade, a circus, and a clown show, with Joe Biden as the head jester.

Now, I didn't see that, but that's kinda what I felt was happening out beyond the range of what I could see.  Sort of an impression on my heart, but not anything I could actually hear or see.  Anyhow, that's the summary of the dream, and just wanted to share this with you all to encourage you.  Trump is still president, he's still in power, and ultimately God over him, and in the end, God will use Trump, and all those with him, to save this nation.  So just hold on.  Help is on its way.

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