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Dream: The Weapon of Praise
Thursday, May 27th, 2021 12:44pm
Keywords: God, Jesus, Praise, Weapon, Demons, Darkness, Light, Flee, Victory

For those of you who are wondering, this is NOT a recent dream.  However, I was going through some of the older posts by Amanda Grace (wonderful, Godly woman, btw) trying to get up to speed on her, and all of her prophecies, since I'd only recently stumbled across her, and during one of her broadcasts she'd made a comment about how praise can be used as a weapon to drive back the demons, and it reminded me of the below dream that I am about to share with you, as I think it's relevant, and God brought it back to the forefront of my mind again thanks to her.  Anyhow, here's the dream.

The Weapon of Praise

The dream begins with me working at the checkout line in a supermarket.  It was busy.  Very busy.  Lots of people grabbing food and checking out and going about their day.  It was a typical grocery store as best I could tell and nothing unusual about the day.  Suddenly this evil power, like a black fog or an oppressive darkness filled the store and caused everyone to turn on each other.  It was as though I was watching an episode of Roman blood sport where the goal was to maim, injure or kill as many people as possible.

Not wanting to be any part of this I fled the store and began running down the road.  The sad part was, all of this evil and violence followed me out of the store despite how hard I tried to get away from it.  Eventually I had to fight off a couple of the people, friends of mine apparently, who were caught up in this madness before finally being able to take cover in a nearby corn field and hide from all the crazed people until this had run its course.  As I'm hiding there in the corn, one of the guys from the store comes in there looking for me.  I'm panicking because I think he's there to hurt me.

Instead he was really nice and knew what'd happened and wanted to be sure I was alright.  And it was a good thing too because he was really huge, like super sized Hulk Hogan huge.  So we're sitting there talking, discussing what'd just happened when suddenly Jesus shows up.  We were extremely excited to see Him and were wondering why He was there.  He was very friendly and told us He wasn't officially back yet.  He was just touring the place, checking things out in preparation for His second coming.  He then asked us why we were in the corn field.

We in turn explained to Him what'd just happened.  He listens quietly and then motions for us to follow, saying, "Let's go check it out." So we follow Him out of the field and down the road to the store.  As we're walking up to the front doors I remember grabbing a pistol and raising it to the ready as my friend in turn grabs a large club and does the same.  The two of us then slip in behind Jesus like, "You're good, we've got your back."  I laugh at that now because just before this I was thinking, "We've got Jesus! We have nothing to worry about! He'll take care of this!"  We knew Jesus could handle whatever was in there.  Yet we still wanted to "cover His back" on the way in.  I know, silly, right.

I think that's kinda how we treat Jesus, even though we don't think we do.  On one side we know and trust Him to be able to handle anything and everything, and yet on the other we feel obligated to "protect" Him whenever He intercedes for us in a difficult or potentially dangerous situation as though He's not able to take care of Himself completely.  I don't know if that's human nature, or just a failure to trust Him even though we say we do.  Anyhow, Jesus enters the store first with us close in tow.  Inside we find the building empty.  All the food, the registers, everything is gone.  It's just one huge, empty cave.  Also, just as before, a thick, powerful darkness fills the entire place.  It's just as heavy and foreboding as before.

But wherever Jesus goes, it flees before Him and then rushes back in after He leaves that area.  As He's driving back the darkness, I'm standing there wondering where the lights are and try flicking a few switches, but nothing happens.  Then Jesus tells me, "Command the lights to come on."  So I'm thinking, "Authority of Jesus" type power.  So I shout, "Lights!" and a few come on.  I get frustrated, give an annoyed grunt, and shout, "All the lights!" in a perturbed voice.  The rest come on, but it's still dark.  Sorta like the lights are on a dimmer and it's turned way down.  I try this a couple more times in a couple more places, but the darkness is still ruling the roost, despite Jesus being there, and me speaking with His authority.
I then turn around to ask Him for some help and realize He's gone.  He hasn't physically left, but rather I can't see Him anymore.  Then I'm like, "Okay, now what?"  I know Jesus has the power to drive this back, but clearly I must not hold enough of His authority in me to do the job for some reason.  Just then Jesus says, "Praise me."  I'm standing there thinking, "That's a rather odd request at a time like this."  As I'm thinking this the darkness manifests itself in great power and comes after me.  So I decide to give it a shot and do what Jesus suggested.  The first words out of my mouth were "Ha-lle!", like in Hallelujah, but at the absolutely top of my lungs and it came out sounding like a trumpet blast.

They backed up so fast you'd think I'd dropped an atom bomb in their faces.  So I did it again and the darkness retreated further.  Jesus then encouraged me to expand it, to spread out from there and to go further.  So I began singing "Ha-lee-lu-jah" over and over again, which eventually grew into other verses, such as "Heaven and Earth doth sing, Jesus Christ is King!" I stood there in the store and watched in amazement as the room began to fill with this powerful light as the darkness ran in fear and was quickly driven out of the room, and eventually the building.  I then walked the entire length of the building continuing to sing this song.  What the exact song was, aside from the few words I remember, I really don't know.  All I know is that I was made to understand that the words and the tune were unimportant.  What was important was that it was authentic praise to God.

Anyhow, as the darkness is continuing to flee, I'm starting to see people that were laying on the floor and cowering in corners appearing out of the shadows, and many of them, if not all, were wounded severely, or dead, or alive and wishing they weren't because of how badly they were injured.  Anyhow, as I continued to praise Jesus I remember the light that was filling this place washing over them and as it did, the dead arose, the injured were instantly healed, the fearful gained courage, broken things were fixed, and more.  It was like everything was reset and restored as the light continued to grow.  And I'm not sure from exactly where the light came, only that it appeared out of nowhere and filled everything and everyone around us as we continued to praise God, and the more we did, the more light came until there was no darkness left.

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