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A Brief Window of Opportunity
Saturday, April 4th, 2020 10:26am
Keywords: Missions, Gospel, Window, Harvest, Opportunity, Witnessing, Last Days

Just a reminder everyone. What you see happening around you is for a reason. God is humbling China with the goal of bringing down the CCP and opening the nation to the gospel, and to allow its free spread without the CCP violently and mortally cracking down on it. He's opening doors in Europe by removing the RCC so that the pure gospel can go forth. He's removing the cartels, the deep state, the communists, and the other anti-God players on the scene right now all over the world. Will this be done in the next 30 days?

Nah, I figure it'll be at least another year or two before everything finds its completion. But it will happen. He's even collapsing the institutionalized church system and bringing His true bride back into home churches and congregations, away from the institutionalized forms of religion (yes, that's what most "churches" are these days. Namely, houses of "religion", but completely lacking in Christ) that currently fill our world and pollute this, and many other nations around the world with pomp and ceremony, but no real substance; with words, but no real truth; with doctrines, but no real power. God is wiping all of that away even now.

So what does that mean for us if we're in the last days? The answer is, God is clearing away all the noise, all of the blocking forces, all of the walls, all of the hindrances to the free spread of the gospel. But, only for a time. This window that He is about to open may only last a few years, it might last a decade or two, and it might last over a century or more (I'm definitely not thinking this to be true, but hey, anything is possible), we just don't know. However, what we do know is this. The door will be open only briefly, and as soon as it's open, we need to rush forward into the gap and spread the Gospel far and wide as fast as we can, as we don't know how long this door will stay open.

And when it closes, those who either didn't hear, or refused to accept the Gospel during this time of calling will be thrown into the Tribulation, because, by that point, only the horrors of that time will finally wake them up. Only the sheer terror and suffering of the Tribulation will break through their hardened hearts and bring them to Christ. But, if you don't want people you know, friend and foe alike, to suffer during that time (Please, even if they're your worst enemy, reach out and witness to them. Nobody should be made to face those horrors without us having gone to every effort to save them from it), then take this open door and use it as much, and for as long as, you're able to reach the lost with the Gospel and show them what and who Christ truly is.

This door won't remain open forever. So please, make use of it the best that you can, for as long as you can, no matter the cost. The treasures of this world can't hold a candle to Heaven. So don't cling to them. Cling to the cross and reach out to those in need with the Gospel during this brief window of opportunity. Because, once it's closed, the only thing left for the unsaved is death and the Tribulation, and even the worst human being shouldn't be made to suffer that because of our inaction.

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