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Two Different Views (A modern parable)
Sun, 25 Sep 2016 22:56:22

Russell looked out across the land before him and was dismayed at what he saw.  There was nothing but miles and miles of barren desert in every direction he looked.  He glanced up at the sky and covered his eyes as he stared at dusty brown, empty skies in the midst of which hung a scorching hot sun that burned his skin and made the air around him ripple with the heat that was rising off the sand at his feet.  He first took off one shoe and emptied the sand out of it, and then did the same with the other.  But before he could put his shoes on again his nose was assaulted by the most reprehensible odor he'd ever smelled.  He wondered if it was the shoes that stank, his feet, or both, and if both, which one was worse.  Given how his shoes were falling apart, he suspected both.  He wiped an ever thickening river of sweat from his forehead, and then began walking again.  But he had no more than taken a handful of steps before his shoes were once again filled to overflowing with hot, blistering sand.
He grunted in frustration and considered emptying them again.  But it would be a pointless effort given the multitude of holes in his shoes.  Keeping them sand free would be like trying to hold water in a colander.  That thought in turn instantly added to his misery as he was reminded of the incredible thirst that was raging in his throat.  It appeared as though he would never find any relief from his misery, or this endless, blazing desert.  He again paused briefly to ponder his situation when another traveler, one of hundreds that plodded through this endless desert with him, collided with him and nearly knocked him off his feet.
"Hey, buddy!  Watch where you're going!" he barked.
"Get a life, loser!" the other man retorted, "you're blocking the road."
"Can't you see me standing here!?" protested Russel.
"Eh, why don't you go jump in a lake, loser.  That is, if you can find one!" replied the man mockingly.  "And while you're at it, let me know how that delicious, cool water feels.  Inquiring minds want to know!"
Russel's anger fumed.  He considered saying something, but simply bit his tongue.  Not because he felt it better to remain silent, but rather due to the large, dusty brown projectile that suddenly interfaced with the other man's head.  He raised an eyebrow slightly as the man dropped to his knees holding his head and swearing.
"Shut your pie hole, moron!  It's bad enough we're suffering as it is, and then you have to go off and make it worse!" shouted another man nearby.
Like a match to a pool of gasoline the first man erupted out of the sand, a stream of bright red blood drooling down his face, and punched the second man sending him stumbling backwards.  It wasn't lon ...(read more)

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