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A Power Like No Other
Thu, 03 Sep 2015 09:53:47

Good morning, everyone.  I've got something interesting to share with you that Jesus shared with me last night in the form of a teaching dream.  I think this is something each of you should at least take the time to read, even if you don't believe God speaks through dreams in today's world as the lesson it conveys is powerful. :)

Anyhow, the dream begins with me working at the checkout line in a supermarket.  It was busy.  Very busy.  Lots of people grabbing food and checking out and going about their day.  It was a typical grocery store as best I could tell and nothing unusual about the day.  Suddenly this evil power, like a black fog or an oppressive darkness filled the store and caused everyone to turn on each other.  It was as though I was watching an episode of Roman blood sport where the goal was to maim, injure or kill as many people as possible.

Not wanting to be a part of this I fled the store and began running down the road.  The sad part was, all of this evil and violence followed me despite how hard I tried to get away from it.  Eventually I had to fight off a couple of the people, friends of mine apparently, who were caught up in this madness before finally seeking cover in a nearby corn field in an effort to hide until this had run its course.  Well, as I'm hiding there in the corn, one of the guys from the store comes in there looking for me.  I'm panicking because I think he's there to hurt me.

Instead he was really nice and knew what'd happened and wanted to be sure I was alright.  And it was a good thing too because he was really huge, like super sized Hulk Hogan huge.  So we're sitting there talking, discussing what'd just happened when suddenly Jesus shows up.  We were excited to see Him and were wondering why He was there.  He was very friendly and told us He wasn't officially back yet.  He was just touring the place, checking things out in preparation for His second coming.  He then asked us why we were in the corn field.

We in turn explained to Him what'd happened.  He listens quietly and then motions for us to follow, saying, "Let's go check it out."  So we follow Him out of the field and down the road to the store.  Upon arriving there I remember grabbing a pistol and raising it to the ready as my friend grabs a large club as both of us slip in behind Jesus like, "You're good, we've got your back."  I laugh at that now because just before that I was thinking, "We've got Jesus!  We have nothing to worry about!  He'll take care of this!" knowing that Jesus could handle whatever was in there.  Yet we still wanted to "cover His back" on the way in.  I know, silly, right. :P

I think that's kinda how we treat Jesus, e ...(read more)

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