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Tier 2 Support and Seeking God
Tue, 02 Sep 2014 12:26:21

For quite a few years, especially during the second half of the high days of the internet boom, I worked in the technology sector, either directly or indirectly.  One of my jobs during that time period was customer tech support.  I'd answer calls, solve problems, and if the issue was too big for me, it'd go up the line to what we called Tier 2.  I was, for part of my time there, a Tier 1 or frontline tech support agent.  I fielded the calls from the customers, and Tier 2 fielded the calls from me when it became something I didn't have the power or skills to fix myself.

The thing was, God had so gifted me with technical ability that if it was a problem that required me to go to Tier 2, it was usually a whopper that was always a tough one of them, and quite often ended up being passed on to Tier 3 which was the systems engineers.  You didn't get much higher than them.  In fact, this was such a common thing with me that when I'd come walking down the aisle towards Tier 2 with a problem, there was quite often a collective groan from the group because they knew I was coming to them with a real zinger.

In some ways our Christian life is similar to dealing with tech support.  For every day normal problems, such as how to live, what to do and not do, how to hand a given situation, and so on, we have God's word, known as the Bible, to look at and to reference.  Think of it as the manual for life, or as one person so aptly put it, our "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth guide book."  Prayer in turn becomes our spiritual tech support with God always on the other end 24/7/365 to help answer our questions and solve our problems.

It's sorta like being the customer on the phone who's read the manual, but now needs another level of support.  Just like how I had to go to Tier 2 when the problem was too difficult for me to solve, customers came to me when the issue for them was too great to solve.  God is always there, always listening, always ready to talk with you.  He's your Tier 3 support right out the door.  You don't have to go through the "guys in the trenches" fielding the customer calls to get to Tier 3.  God *IS* Tier 3 spiritually speaking.  And you don't need a reason to call Him to speak with Him, nor a major issue.

In fact, God loves to just talk with you.  It doesn't have to be a pressing issue or a major calamity to justify you talking with him.  He loves to just chit chat, or talk about all kinds of things.  God listens to little children talking about their puppies or the cool bug they found today.  Yet we seem to think that the only time we need to pray is when we have a Tier 3 level calamity that only God can solve.  No, not at all.  Yes, God expects us to read His word and solve the issues in our lives by doing what He's already instructed.  But He also wants us ...(read more)

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