Yandian Master Database

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The Yandian Master Database is a massive and expansive database containing the entirety of all knowledge and information thus far collected by the Yandians. It's a resource tool of immeasurable value to the entire galaxy and is fiercely protected by billions of Yandian Librarians, as well as the expansive Yandian military, and at the same time free and available for all to use without restriction, save only in certain situations, or when requesting sealed or classified information. The database itself is so large that, as a result of collecting so much information into one place, it has become sentient and self aware, moving with an agenda of its own, while still preserving the Yandian theology about knowledge. It's value is also so great and priceless that five complete copies of the Master Database exist, one of which exists on the Yandian homeworld of Dotus.

Another feature of the Yandian Master Database is that there are thousands of smaller pieces of the database, known as "shards", that travel the length and breadth of the galaxy, and are are available to anyone who wishes to access them, carried aboard library ships that travel to and from the Yandian homeworld to any place within the galaxy that desires access to information in the Master Database, but doesn't have the means or ability to access it from their current location.