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Whalandria is a planned YA novel focused around the water world of Whalandria, a place of wonder and adventure, science and discovery where the entire world rides upon the backs of great whale like sea creatures the size of small islands, as the planet is completely covered in water. and numerous, numerous small islands. These "whale ships" are a special breed of super sized whale who always remains on the surface of the water and never dives. Because of this, small islands form on their back, of which a special breed of whale tamers call home and control the whales as though they were great, mighty, fleshy ships of the sea. The people who live there, Aquadrians, are an ancient race of humans who fell from the stars and made this planet their new home. At that time all of the newly arrived humans took an oath to use their advanced technology to live in harmony with the planet and nature, unlike their ancestors. The bad guys are a group of star pirates who also landed here and wish to use the planet's vast, rich resources for their own evil, greed, and power.

The story starts out with a ragtag group of settlers, who have recently escaped the ravages of a millennia long war, and the decay of their society to land on this new planet where they are free to live, expand, and grow while living in harmony with nature. They discover the whales, gigantic sea creatures who are whale like, and carry great islands on their backs, and soon learn to tame them, and work in partnership with the great hulking beasts. There are also gigantic sea turtles, sharks, etc that other explorers discover and eventually tame. The planet is like Earth, only supersized, and possessing no major land masses. Just lots and lots of islands, both animal and geological. The story itself will center around a young girl, who is the daughter of a keeper, who is being raised, along with her brother and two others, to be the new keepers of the island, which just happens to be a really, really old mama whale. The young girl also, aside from her family and friends, possesses two intelligent, talking parrots, Nigel and Grace.