United Sol Fleet

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The United Sol Fleet is a multi-national fleet of starships built by the nations of Planet Earth, as part of a joint effort between them and the Brayburn Society to help the remainder of humanity, namely those humans who are not part of the Society, to gain the necessary technology and experience required to become a functioning, and respectable member of the galactic community. The ships of this fleet, completely unique in their design, are built using older, obsolete technology long since abandoned by the Society, and yet considered revolutionary by the people of Earth, serve as a training grounds for this purpose. These ships, combined with the Society Joint Commerce Station (JCS), serve as a training grounds for the people of Earth, and act as one of many well planned and purposeful baby steps that Earth will be required to take as they prepare to eventually step out into the much wider universe outside of Sol Space at some point in the future.

Known Ship Classes