Trevor Thompson

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Name: Trevor Thompson
Occupation: Arranger, Enforcer, Contraband Supplier
Home: South Side of Chicago
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'9"
Spiritual Gift: Helps
Abduction Date: Same day as Simon
Alliances: Simon's Team

Trevor Thompson is a street smart punk kid from the South Side of Chicago. He's 18 and has been on his own on the streets acting as a very skilled middle man for hire (an arranger) and an occasional enforcer since not long after his parents threw him out. He specialized in arranging and overseeing exchanges, transfers and sales of goods and contraband between mafia families, businesses, and even individuals. He later becomes Simon's adopted son (not official, just in spirit) and a very important part of his time.


Trevor grew up in the South Side of Chicago in an extremely poor family of seven. At age twelve his parents, being unable to take care of him anymore, and feeling him old enough to fend for himself, kicked him out of the house and onto the street. Once there he discovered that he was good at arranging and overseeing exchanges, transfers and the sale of goods and contraband between gangs, mafia families, businesses, and even individuals. Some of the things he traded were legal. But the majority of it was not, such as guns, drugs, hookers, sex slaves, stolen goods and much more. He worked with local individuals, such as his friend Kepo to help make his business successful. He even worked as an enforcer several times, and is known to have hurt lots of individuals during his time doing this. His unique style of enforcing allowed him to go up against guys up to twice his age and easily hold his own, despite his comparatively smaller size and thin build. He's also extremely good with knives, especially throwing them, and is a crack shot with them. He has the honor of being of genius intelligence, which he's used on many occasions, and even helped save his life on countless occasions, with him using it to outsmart his enemies. This also worked to his advantage, allowing him to complete his GED by the time he was fourteen, despite having been thrown out of his house two years earlier. This is when he also picked up his love for cartography and maps, becoming a decently skilled map maker in his own right by the time he was eighteen.

Out on the streets, when working as an arranger, he often took jobs from people all over the city who were in search of hard to find items, of which he almost always delivered. Two of his most famous customers were the Mayor of Chicago, and the city Chief of Police. The Major primarily requested drugs, prostitutes and other illicit items. The chief, however, had more benign interests, and often sent Trevor searching out rare 18th century porcelain figurines, as the chief had a real interest in, and keen eye for them. Some of his other customers, those that weren't looking for illegal and illicit items, often hired him to find things such as cars of a specific make and model, or even perhaps of a certain ownership, of which he almost always delivered. He was also good at negotiating between rival gangs and other groups such that he could take impossible business deals between bitter rivals and not only make them happen, but also make them quite lucrative. In fact, his reputation as an arranger was so high, nearly everyone in Chicago who knew of him and his skills left him alone. And those that didn't, they often had to answer to those who did, as Trevor's customers didn't want anything happening to him, especially given how lucrative of an asset he was to them. Even the police tended to leave him alone, although a few still tried to make a name for themselves by capturing him. But that rarely ever went well for them.

Trevor is also ridiculously rich, having hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash stashed in duffle bags across the city. He has no money in the bank, and no credit cards, as it makes it too easy to trace him that way. So, aside from a phone, he is virtually untraceable. And that's important in his line of work, because he doesn't want his enemies finding him, yet he wants his customers to easily be able to reach him. Someone could probably still find him if they really wanted to. But most of those after him will attempt to find him, and if they can't, will just leave him alone if it's too much trouble. Back home on Earth, Trevor owned a Corvette Z06, which was his daily driver and "getaway" car whenever he needed the speed to escape.


Trevor begins his journey by picking up an MP3 player filled with songs at Node Zero. He later picks up a poncho, and a small hand held gaming device. Not long after this both the mp3 player and the gaming device run out of power. However, he has no credits to have them recharged. So, in an act of civil disobedience, he disposes of them in the forest, never to be seen again. Later on he picks up a mess kit to make eating meals easier.