The Wolves of Ratinar

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The Wolves of Ratinar, also known as The Wolves of the White Mountains due to their primary area of operation in the White Mountain region, are a species of biomechanoid created by the controllers, but then later rejected by them as a failed experiment. Being such, they were scheduled to be destroyed, but were rescued by Maul Ratinar and made to become his personal servants and companions. There are only six wolves, all of which are byproducts of the original experiment that failed to give the controllers the results they wanted. Having saved them from death, the wolves are fiercely loyal to Maul and will protect him, and all that he cherishes, with their very lives if they must. They lead a small army of "Wolflings" that are also byproducts of the same series of failed experiments, but which only grew to normal wolf size, unlike Angus and his five brothers. The six wolves are biologically androgynous, and are thus neither male, nor female. Even so, their characteristics are strongly masculine, and thus identify themselves and address each other, and are addressed, in the masculine. Ratinar Wolves are also very large, being as big as, and sometimes bigger, than Quarter Horses.

Known Wolves