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The Deadly Slews, as it is known by the local people, is a massive, deadly, expansive swamp located deep in the middle of The White Mountains. It has swallowed travelers, civilizations and creatures of all kinds, destroying each in kind with ruthless efficiency. The swamp is massive and very difficult to traverse, easily spanning an area of about 2400 square miles, with its primary expanse reaching sixty miles long by forty miles wide. Not all of that is actual swampland, but a good majority of it is, and most especially its borders. This is because the swamp sits on top of a large plateau region high in the mountains, and is very poorly drained, thus resulting in swampland, which is exacerbated by a high level of rainfall each year, further inundating the land with copious amounts of water. In the midst of the swamp is several major cities, all of which are abandoned, and two major trade roads which were carved out of the swamp to make trade between the northern and southern parts of the White Mountains easier. The Deadly Slews are also a required part of The Race of Offworld as the main race course passes through the center of the swamp, and using the man made trade roads to circumvent the worst parts of the swamp is forbidden by the controllers, unless you have already crossed the swamp at least once, after which it is permitted.