Society Joint Commerce Station

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The Society Joint Command Station (aka JCS) is a special command and control station located just above Earth in the same relative orbit as Command Core that is a joint project between the nations of Earth, and the Brayburn Society created after the events of Homeworld and Empire Rising which saw the revelation of the existence of Earthfleet and the Society to the people of Earth who afterwards clamored to join them in space and learn the ways of the galaxy. It was created with the idea in mind that the people of Earth were in no way ready to handle the complexities and difficulties of life in the stars.

So the station is the Society's effort, along with the help of Earthfleet, to acclimate them to, and team them about all they need to know to be proper, respectful citizens of the galaxy. It also provides them a safe space to make mistakes as they adapt to their new reality without causing any unfortunate intergalactic incidents. As the people of Earth grow more accustomed to life among the stars, the Society and Earthfleet plant to slowly become more and more hands off, allowing them to grow on their own. But to get them started, and help them grow, the JCS will be there to hold their hand for as long as they need it.