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Sebius is the homeworld of the UGW and is located deep in Neutral Space, just beyond the boundary to the Galactic Core. It is the central seat of power for the UGW, and the place where all delegates, from across the galaxy, meet to hash out disputes, make galaxy spanning laws, and work to keep the peace among all of the races in the galaxy, most especially between those of the nine. However, the UGW is also a very corrupt organization, and as a result of this, follow the events of Destiny's Mission, the UGW is disbanded and Sebius is abandoned as the changes that Zoahn made to the physics around Sebius have made the planet, and the surrounding space unsafe for travel, and the planet uninhabitable. The fall of the UGW also saw an end to any usefulness that Sebius once brought to the galaxy. So, with no further need for it to be inhabited, it was abandoned by all who could leave of their own ability, leaving behind just those who could not, who were then later rescued and removed from the planet by rescue teams coming in to salvage what few things they could that were still useful, or necessary for their own security, including diplomatic communication devices, gold, silver, ships, resources and anything else of value. Later on the planet was stripped for its remaining resources, leaving behind nothing but a ravage, barren, rocky world good for nothing more than a galactic landfill.