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The Romano class was a series of heavy dreadnoughts built by Earthfleet to aid in the defend Earth in the most desperate of times. Unlike the Sergenious and Samurai class [[shipkillers], which were built to face off against BattleCruisers, the Romano class was built to face off against battleships, and up to five of them at a time even. The ships were very heavily armed, heavily armored, heavily shielded, tough, durable, survivable, and surprisingly resilient for a warp powered combat starship of its time. While its core technology was based around that used in the older Gayik'Von Eclet class battleship, the Romano class was of entirely Earthfleet design, both in form and function. However, unlike the other battleships, and even shipkillers of Earthfleet, the Romano class was not built in large numbers. A grand total of only 136 were ever built before the ships were superseded by the Sergenious class.

By the events of The Battle of the Oort Perimeter, only six Romano class were in service, and they all remained close to Earth as a final line of defense should all other efforts at protecting Earth eventually fail. By the events of Homeworld, only one Romano class dreadnought remained in service, the Spartacus, and it was only partially operational at the time, as it was being stripped down and prepared for one final flight out to the Society Starship Museum where it would be put on permanent display alongside the Destiny, and numerous other famous and important starships of Earthfleet and Brayburn Society history. While few in number, and having served a brief service history of only 32 years, as well as only seeing actual combat once, the Romano class highly distinguished itself in history as one of the greatest ships ever in the service of Earthfleet.