Portal Transporter

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A Portal Transporter is a point to point inner-dimensional transportation system designed to move objects and persons from one point to another. The technology is employed exclusively by Earthfleet and the Brayburn Society and uses the principles of Quantum Duality (being in two places at the same time) and spacial folding to complete it's work. Portal Transporters do not need a transporter pad or other source location or equipment to function, unlike particle transporters. All transports are point to point rather than from transporter pad/room to destination. Therefore, an object or individual can be transported from any source location and sent directly to any destination desired within the range of the transporter. All transporters are limited in maximum range to approximately 4-20 light years due to the power requirements of such long distance travel as, the greater the distance one must travel to reach their destination, the greater the power that is required to achieve it.

The Portal Transporter system has two operational modes: Transport Sphere and Portal Gateway. Transport Sphere is the most common usage of the technology and involves forming a sphere around the individual or object desiring to be transported. A second identical sphere is opened at the destination simultaneously. The individual or object inside the sphere is then isolated and converted to a state of duality where they exist at both the source and destination locations at the same time. Next, the individual is returned to a state of singularity where they exist in only one location. After this is completed, the spheres on both ends are collapsed and the transport is over. This form of transport, while strange, is also the safest in existence because, should the transport fail, the person or object being transported will only be at either the source or the destination location, but not somewhere in the middle, or perhaps stuck in a transport buffer or de-atomized and floating around as a cloud of particles like other transport systems do.

The second, and lesser used mode of the Portal Transporter, the Portal Gateway, is a unique application of the Portal Transporter. In this instance, the space between two locations is folded together, and a circular gateway is opened, allowing persons and cargo to be moved from location to location through the gateway. However, it's only used when large volumes of people and materials must be moved from one point to another, or when objects are so long or so numerous that it makes standard portal transport completely impractical. Especially in situations where time is important. However, the biggest advantage of this technology is its filtering capabilities. For example, if one were to open a Portal Gateway in the Marianas Trench, and a second on land in Death Valley, and then were to initiate a connection between the two, the water pressure from the Trench would force water through the first gateway, and out the second. However, that's if no restrictions and filters are applied. If you were to apply the filters, you could pump the water from a small local pond into the high pressure environment of the Marianas Trench without issue.

You can also open once source and multiple destinations with the Portal Gateway, and then, using filtering, take the water from the Marianas Trench, and separate it into its component elements, such as hydrogen, oxygen, salt, etc, and then deliver each sorted element through a different destination portal to wherever you want it. Or, you can use it to separate out desirable, or undesirable elements, such as salt, oil, etc. So you could take water from the ocean, and separate the water from all other materials, putting the clean, purified, 100% pure H20 in one location, and the salt and other materials in another. The versatility and useful of this system is beyond words. It's also made possible through the same object isolation system used in the normal Portal Transporter mode. But, while Portal Transporter can and does have the ability to isolate and remove undesirable items from a source object, the Portal Gateway can do it in volume. An example of where this would be useful would be the decontamination of water, dirt, etc, as well as its transport to a new location.

The Portal Gateway also does not need to transport an object to purify it. The gateway simply need be passed over an object requiring cleansing, or requiring content to be removed, and all undesirable (or desirable, depending on your needs) content will be removed and sent to a collection, processing or storage location.