Pluto Station

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Pluto Station is a purpose built station, designed and assembled at Saturn Shipyards to be a safe haven, a home, and a meeting place for aliens from all across the galaxy who want to come to Sol Sector to trade, to negotiate, to hide (think refugees seeking asylum, not criminals seeking to escape the law, as the latter is not permitted by Earthfleet or the Society. The station exists just beyond the Kuiper Perimeter, but behind the Oort Perimeter, as a means to allow outsiders into Sol Space without risking the safety of Earth, or those on the station, by preventing those who are living there, who are not permitted past the Kuiper Perimeter, to enter Sol Space, but at the same time not be at risk of being attacked and killed should someone come seeking their life.

After The Battle of the Oort Perimeter, the station was moved to a new location just inside of the Sol Perimeter, but within easy travel distance of the Pluto Perimeter should something happen and the station need to be moved. And, while the station was originally meant as a safe meeting place between the Society/Earthfleet and anyone from the galaxy who wished to speak with them, it has also become a fun and exciting destination for members of Earthfleet, and even some within the galaxy, seeking an opportunity to get away from it all and relax. There are even several stores and restaurants on the main promenade that are both famous, and infamous in their own way, among the members of Earthfleet, who enjoy frequenting them regularly.

The Shops of Pluto Station

Pluto Station is a major hub of trade within the region, not just of races outside of Sol Sector with Earth, but also between many races, trade guilds and even many of the smaller worlds and republics within Gayik'Von space. It is also a major diplomatic stop for many within the region, providing a neutral ground on which two or more parties can meet to discuss items of mutual interest. Because of this, Pluto station is broken up into numerous sections, each having a specific use or function. One of these is the Merchant Marketplace, sometimes known as the Alien Market. This is different from the Traders Promenade where regular traditional trade between the Society, and other races in the galaxy, or even between the races themselves, occurs. The Merchant's Marketplace, on the other hand, is an entire deck on the station dedicated to shops, restaurants and more run by both humans of Sol Space, as well as many of the numerous species found throughout the galaxy.

However, due to space and resource limitations on the station, only those who can survive in a standard Earth like environment are able to setup shop here. Others are welcome, but they have to provide their own means of environmental support, as the station is incapable of providing it to them beyond the basic Earth like environmental conditions. So, if they are not capable of maintaining their own unique biological needs beyond what the station can provide, then they are unable to setup shop here, live or work for any great length of time. For those who can and have found ways to live within the station's Earth like environment, there are many who have made a great name for themselves among both the humans of Sol, as well as their many alien guests. One of these places is "Grog's Tavern". It is a favorite hangout for human and alien alike, and especially among Earthfleet personnel. It is owned and run by a Macanorian known as "Grog" who is also its most famous bartender, as the drinks he mixes are beyond words, and the crowd favorite of nearly everyone who visits his store.

But Grog's Tavern isn't the only store in the Merchant Marketplace. There are hundreds of others, selling everything from food, drinks, cloths, household items, and much more. So where the Trader's Promenade would be the place where items are sold at wholesale, the Merchant Marketplace would be the retail storefront where many of those items end up.

The Traders Promenade

The Traders Promenade, sometimes just called "The Promenade", even though it's one of several, is a place within Pluto Station where large quantities of bulk trade are conducted. So, where the Merchant Marketplace tends to be more retail focused, the Traders Promenade tends to be more wholesale focused, although some retail business does occur there. As far as actual large quantities of resources being stored and sold there, most merchants are limited to only displaying either samples, or information about their wares due to the safety and sanitation requirements of the station to ensure that no invasive species or contagious diseases get lose on the station. So, to the untrained eye, the Traders Promenade looks very similar to the Merchant Marketplace, even though their clientele tend to be different than those frequenting the Merchant Marketplace.