Oort Perimeter

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The Oort Perimeter is an ultra massive, multi-layer defensive shield deployed out far beyond the orbit of Pluto in the area of space believed by many scientists to hold the theoretical Oort Cloud. Having proven that such a cloud did not exist, in a brilliant moment of ingenious mockery, the scientists of the Brayburn Society who created it, chose to name it after the mythical cloud as a jab at their Terran counterparts who had theorized its existence. It is one of seven super shields that protect Sol Space throughout the existence of Earthfleet, and the first of two that take up that job. It's near counterpart is the Kuiper Perimeter, which is also replaced by a newer, better shield. It is eventually torn down and its parts used to form the newer Sol, Pluto perimeters, and even part of the Jupiter Perimeter. Due to a key failing in the design of the Oort Perimeter, and partially even the Kuiper Perimeter, mostly due to their massive size, it becomes necessary to tear both of them down and use their parts to create much smaller arrays that aren't susceptible to the same fatal flaws as the much larger Oort and Kuiper arrays.