Nova Class

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The Nova is a class of medium battleships belonging to Earthfleet, which were among the last to be based primarily on Gayik'Von military designs and doctrines, and were built around the time in which the Shipkillers were first coming into existence. It is a warp powered starship, with an impressive list of armaments and defensive systems, and a standard crew of 2000-3000 in most cases. The Nova Class ceased operations within Sol Space shortly after The Battle of the Oort Perimeter, when the majority of their number were destroyed in the conflagration, and were replaced with brand new ships of the Sergenious and Samurai class. The last of the remaining Nova class, along with many of Earthfleet's remaining legacy warp powered ships, were retired approximately four years after the battle of the Oort Perimeter, once the fleet had managed to replace enough of the ships it'd lost with brand new shipkillers freshly built in Saturn Shipyards.