Multi-Layer Shielding

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Multi-Layer Shielding is a shield technology used exclusively by Earthfleet that uses multiple layers of shielding, stacked one on top of the other, to provide an added layer of protection to a ship. This allows the ship to employ numerous weaker shield generators to protect the ship, in a tiered defense, rather than one primary, all powerful shield or generator system. The idea behind this is that:

  1. multiple shield layers allow for redundancy in defense. For example, if a shield layer is either depleted or knocked out, others can take over and protect the vessel until those previous layers can be recharged or repaired.
  2. Multiple shield layers allow for defense in depth through a process of customizable filtering by each individual shield layer against specific threats, as well as absorption of blow-by or overflow suffered by higher layer shields should a grid or an entire shield layer be overmatched by a weapon's power. This protects the ship from damage caused by such events.
  3. Shielding can be adjusted in strength and depth depending on the need or application. IE, if only two layers are needed, the rest can remain on rapid activation standby in case they're needed, while the other two shields do the bulk of the work. They can also be spread out, or projected beyond the vessel to protect objects or other ships nearby, both offering and sacrificing its own shield protection to defend the vessel or object being escorted or protected.
  4. Shield strength can be concentrated and moved around to reinforce weaker areas as needed, or areas receiving heavier than normal attack that, in turn, need additional shield protection to compensate for this.

And that's only a portion of the incredible flexibility that comes natively with multi-layer shielding. Each shield layer within this system is generated using multiple individual, interconnected grids that generated by the numerous shield nodes embedded within the fluidic armor of the ship. And, should any of these nodes become damaged or destroyed, they can easily and quickly be repaired or replaced in combat by automated systems, freeing up the crew to address other, more important things. Especially those most critical to ship survival.