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The Midazin are a subset of, and sister race to, the Yigzan. At one time, before The Great Awakening, the Midazin and Yigzan were one in the same race. However, factions within the Yigzan, whom ultimately flocked to Councilman Midazin (from which their race gets its name), were staunch, hard line traditionalists who wanted to keep the old days and initially rejected the reintroduction of science and technology into Yigzan society. Seeking to maintain the old ways, they rebelled against King Brahdak and those who supported him, but were ultimately defeated with the help of the Gorg, who rallied to the aid of the Yigzan, and their king. However, being fellow Yigzan, instead of executing them for treason, Councilman Midazin and all of his supporters, were exiled into the Northern Mountains where they setup a new nation that held to the old ways, just as they wanted, for nearly a millennia. However, when they re-encountered the Yigzan nearly a millennia later, old hatreds were rekindled, and a fear that the Yigzan, through their growing technological prowess and strength, would soon come to hunt them down and settle old scores.

Fearing for their existence, they quickly brought themselves up to nearly the same technological level as their sister race, and then began upgrading the Gorg as well, and turning them into their slaves, which they eventually used against the Yigzan in the Gorg War. Defeated, humiliated, and fearing for their lives, the remaining Midazin packed up everything they had and made their way west to the western continent, bringing along those Gorg who were still loyal to them. Those that were not, chose to remain, and in turn renewed their bonds of friendship with the Yigzan afterwards. Nearly a hundred years later, after rebuilding their strength, the Midazin, with their Gorg allies, tried again to defeat and exterminate their sister race. However, with the intervention of Tgegani and other of Meshua's proxies, their plans were stopped, and much of the Midazin nation who existed at that time were either exterminated in battle, or killed in their attempt to invade and destroy the Yigzan. Those few that still remained, and had survived the war, being only a handful in comparison to their number prior to that humiliating defeat, took it upon themselves that, one way or another, they would exterminate the Yigzan, even if it meant destroying themselves.

After stealing Breakman's prototype shuttle, they shoved an asteroid out of orbit and into the path of Braisail, hoping it would destroy the planet and complete their mission of revenge. However, the Yigzan, with the help of Breakman, were able to deflect it away. Even so, the system was doomed, and the asteroid eventually crashed into one of the twin suns of their solar system, causing them to become unbalanced, and setting in motion a chain of events that led to the abandoning of Braisail, and the fleeing of the Yigzan, Gorg and Sattazin into the stars, leaving the last remnants of the Midazin to die a fiery, terrifying death when their stars went nova and destroyed everything in their solar system, including Braisail, and exterminated all remaining life on the surface of the planet, including the handful of Midazin who still remained and were left behind. In the end the Midazin people were born in failure, and ended their brief 1300+ years in failure, dying a pointless, hollow death, and never achieving the many great, yet foolish things that they sought after.