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Welcome to the Realms of Imagination (ROI) Wiki!

Welcome to the Writing Wiki for Author Steven Lake! In this wiki you will find information on characters, worlds, books, stories, plotlines, and so much more involving each of my books. Unfortunately, due to an endless problem with spammers, this is a closed wiki. However, if you wish to make contributions you can email me (see the contact link on my website) to recommend edits. And, as always, thanks for being a reader and a fan of my works!

WARNING! Spoilers are contained here!

If you have not read some or all of my books, then please be careful where you go and what you read, as there are many things in here that will tell you what is in the books, how they end, what happens to major characters and so on. But if that doesn't bother you, then crawl this wiki as much as you wish! If you're new here, I would suggest starting with the QuickLinks Section below. Through that section you can explore the individual books, the worlds behind them, and so much more! Extra item of note: Not all entries on this wiki are fully up to date or complete, as some are still Works in Progress due to the item, characters, books or worlds they're a part of still being under development. But, I am doing my best to ensure that every entry is completely filled out to the best of my ability.

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  • Update Policy: rules and terms for updating this wiki.
  • Wanted pages: articles to which links have been set but which have not yet been created
  • Lonely pages: orphaned articles that want to be linked to by some other articles
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  • Copyright Info: A special page where I list infomation about copyrights for various things on this wiki and who owns them.