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The Juinah is a multi-species galactic mafia group that operates all across the galaxy, participating in nearly any and every possible illicit activity known to exist. The structure of the Juinah is hierarchical and consists of a Juinah "Lord" who rules over a "Clan" who in turn controls a section of space in which he's given total control of all illegal activities there. The organization, while piecemeal and fragmented, is a very powerful force within the galaxy, and the various lords over the numerous mafia clans often work together, both against their common enemies, and to help support each of their own personal fortunes. This agreement to work together is not because they want to help each other, but rather because, doing so helps each of them maximize their profits. The Juinah are infamous too, not just for the slave markets that they control, but also for their extensive use of Transforms in their illegal activities, something that is greatly despised across the galaxy, and yet put to use by many who seek to engage in covert activities of assassination and more, without being identified as the culprits or source of such activities.

And, while the Juinah is a galaxy spanning organization, they do carry an especially deep grudge and hatred of Sol and the humans there, as they were instrumental in the destruction of eight great Juinah lords, and the setting back of the organization by nearly a century. This surprising feat of good luck (for the Gayik'Von) and bad luck (for the Juinah), was partially made possible by Captain Edmond Clayton and the crew of the Destiny, who were captured by the Juinah with the intention of making them slaves, but later on became the ones who put events in motion that led to the fall of one portion of the Juinah and the crushing of their activities within Gayik'Von space. To this day, the Juinah have not forgiven Sol for their part in this fateful event in Juinah history.