General Amaroth

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Name: Amaroth
Occupation: Army Commander
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (assumed to be late 50's)
Rank: 3 Star General
Command: 4th Regional Unity Army
Height: 6'2"
Alliances: Unity Empire

General Amaroth is a 3 star command general in the Unity Empire and is in charge of the 5th Army Group of the Unity Imperial Army. A career military officer, Amaroth has seen it all, and is a brilliant strategist, officer, soldier, and more. He's also ruthless, brutal, efficient and effective, and carries with him a deep, deep seated hatred of all racers and wants nothing less than to exterminate them, and will go to great lengths to achieve that. He also has a great hatred of the Dragons, who he sees as both a rival for power, and a mortal enemy. One of his most valuable traits, that is respected by all, is his relentlessness. Once he has set out to do something, he will not stop until he has achieved it, regardless how that needs to be done. Even severe physical injury and illness won't stop him. He is so relentless that it takes the dragon commander Garloond killing him to finally stop his vendetta against Simon's Team.