Command One

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Command One is one of two primary defensive battlestations located in Command Core that serve as part of the final line of protection for Earth in the event that all other defenses fail. It also serves as part of the central command and control structure that helps run and maintain order both in Sol Sector and in the vast defensive fleet that exists under the control of Earthfleet. It is a tall, spire like structure, with several saucer sections along its length that are used for both crew quarters and starship berthing, among a variety of other things. It was designed and built at the Saturn Shipyards and moved into orbit around Earth as a replacement for the previous Command One defensive station that was later renamed to Command Two and made into the secondary command station within Command Core. It served proudly for many years, including during The Battle of the Oort Perimeter, and several other important events. However, it service eventually came to an end in the battle against Black Orchid which saw the station damaged beyond repair during the incident, and eventually abandoned as a result. It, along with Command Two, were replaced with a brand new Dawn Reaper class defensive station some years later, after which it was scrapped, and its resources recycled and reused in other projects.