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A Battle Ethos is the design framework around which each nation or race's military builds its own individual and unique offensive and defensive systems that are each uniquely designed with each one's individaul tactical, strategic, cultural and practical considerations in mind. While many of the different militaries around the galaxy share some things in common, each is also distinctly unique from all the others in their application of each aspect of their people's defense, and offense as well in times when such things are required.


The Gayik'Von follow a very utilitarian ethos, focusing first and foremost on usefulness and practicality above all other things, including esthetics. As such, the designs of their ships, their buildings, and even their clothing is extremely practical in nature, and is very spartan in "curb appeal", unlike other races. However, this practicality also makes their ships, strategies, and weapons the most fearsome in the galaxy as no effort is wasted on anything except ensuring that they build reaches its maximum technological and engineering potential. The Gayik'Von also prefer strategies that favor large area, and large group tactics, huge, sweeping fleets, and massive engagements between equally massive fleets that rely very heavily on powerful capital and supporting ships, but tend to shy away from small ships and small squad tactics that rely heavily on specialized, highly trained, but very limited special forces. In a sense, their tactical mindset is "go big or go home."


Being an aquatic race, the Varnok's battle ethos is centered are a blend of both the practical and the esthetic, as color, appearance, and physical design play a major role in their race's daily lives. However, unlike the Gayik'Von, the Varnok find great value in the whole range of both ship and infantry structures ranging from the tiniest stunt fighter, all the way up to the largest super dreadnoughts. The Varnok are also big fans of large scale, multi-armada tactics, although their battle formations and strategies tend to be more diversified and nuanced whereas the Gayik'Von's strategies are more hammer and anvil in nature.


Unlike the Gayik'Von and the Varnok, the Tragarians prefer more sleek, fast, powerful, and often stealthy designs that fit well with their feline nature, and their preference for using "stalk and ambush" tactics. That does not preclude the Tragarians from using large scale, multi-armada tactics when necessary. However, ambush style "hit and run" tactics are more their preference, and their forte. However, while this can be a disadvantage in some situations, it works well to help divide up their enemies into much smaller groups that can be more easily overwhelmed and destroyed using their preferred and highly polished ambush tactics.


Yandians tend to be very strategical and hands off in their approach to military doctrine, preferring to employ long range, hands off, long range tactics rather than close in, ship to ship combat as the other races do. The Yandians are also very information focused in their military doctrine, meaning that they will attempt to learn all they can about you before they will ever fire a shot, save only in emergencies, and even then they are heavily information focused, giving them a tactical, and a strategic superiority over their enemies. However, being "information nerds", with a cultural focus on the acquisition of knowledge (ie, the curious cat), the Yandians are not generally imperial, or conquest driven in nature (although there's always those one or two exceptions in every society, even though the majority do not feel this way). This is how, despite lagging behind the Angalorians and Varnok during the great war of the nine, the Yandians easily held their own, and regularly drove back or defeated both the Varnok, and the Angalorians in nearly every engagement, ultimately forcing a peace treaty between the three races that favored the Yandians and their quest for knowledge.


The Angalorians are very war like, almost Romanesque in their thirst for battle and conquest. Being wolf like, the Angalorian combat ethos is centered around the "Wolfpack" style of combat, shunning large scale battle groups in favor of smaller, faster, more agile wolfpacks that operate in teams of no more than 30-50 ships at a time, although groups of up to 2000 ships were occasionally deployed during the great war. However, even then, these didn't act as one, large scale, cohesive group, but rather as a loosely organized collection of smaller tactical groups that worked together, yet separately, to achieve a common goal. As such, while the Angalorian military fields an impressive number of lesser and greater capital ships in its vast, sweeping navy, that same navy does not hold to the tight, structured framework of organization and hierarchy as that seen by the other members of the Nine Ancient Races.


The [[Gadal], being a rabbit like species, focuses centers their design philosophy around speed and numbers, building lots of small, lightly armored, yet very fast, and highly maneuverable capital ships, primarily in the corvette, frigate and light destroyer classes. However, the combat vessels of the Gadal navy make up for their lack of armor by employing a powerful, unique, multi-layered, "floating grid" based shield design, the concept of which was borrowed by Earthfleet and greatly improved on. However, whereas Earthfleet's individual shield layers are merged together and single, cohesive, seamless shield, the Gadal prefer to leave their individual grids disconnected, and thus able to float back and forth, or be re-positioned wherever they are most needed. However, due to this flexibility, Gadal shields are less able to dissipate and spread out large volumes of energy that are directed at them, making them less able to deflect bolts of high concentration energy that are fired at them. This, however, is offset by the flexibility of the shield, allowing additional shield grids to be moved into place to help better absorb and neutralize such blasts without jeopardizing the integrity of the entire shield layer in general as a result. Also, due to the small size, and significant numbers of Gadal combat ships, the Gadal navy prefers to use swarm tactics, with large, decentralized fleets, descending upon and isolating small groups of enemy ships, and then overwhelming them with incredible numbers of small capital ships that can quickly scatter and disperse if the battle begins to turn against them in any particular area of the engagement.