Alexander Baker

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Name: Alexander (Alex) Baker
Occupation: Soldier, British SAS
Rank: Corporal (at time of abduction)
Gender: Male
Age: ~60
Specialties: Combat, Navigation, Local Race Expert
Abduction Date: ~1982
Alliances: Simon's Team

Alexander (Alex) Baker is a British SAS solder and member of the top secret Cobra regiment within the SAS. And, while Cobra doesn't officially exist on paper, it does exist for operational purposes and hides itself under the guise of the 22nd regiment. Alex first meets Simon's fledgling team while hunting bandits of Orbus's band along the first hextant of the race. He eventually becomes the seasoned guide for the group and works to help them reach the end. Alex has been on the planet around 35 years. He was abducted in the early 80's, around 1982. He has made one full, albeit failed attempt at winning the race, getting as far as the 6th hextant with his original team before turning back after all of them were killed in a freak avalanche, leaving only him behind. Because of his deep regret at losing the other members of his team, Alex returns to the first and second hextants of the race and never continues on ever again, choosing to escort people whom he deems worthy of assisting, but only as far as the White Mountains, with some limited exceptions where he has taken them as far as The Great Sea, but never any further. Alex is the weapons, military expert, race expert and direct advisor to the team, holding a level of authority second only to Simon himself within the team. He is killed defending the team from General Amaroth and his men near the ravaged city of Drak Mardin that rests on the southern end of Unity imperial territory. Alex is approximately 60 years old when they first meet, and is a staunch atheist at the time, but is deeply influenced by Simon, Trevor and Birash, and eventually becomes saved at Hollow Manor.

The Weapons of Alex

Alex is an expert weapons maker, and can rebuild, from memory, numerous different weapons he's either worked with, or personally built in the past, in his years prior to coming to Offworld. Some of those include:

  • Colt 1911
  • British SA80
  • L96 Sniper Rifle
  • Israeli Uzi
  • Browning 9mm
  • M16 A1 and A2 variants
  • MP5
  • Glock 17
  • Walther PP (but not the PPK variant)

...and several more besides.

Most of the weapons that Alex builds and uses are designed with the option to be silenced, or employ a silencer, and are primarily bolt action or semi-auto, with only a couple employing a fully automatic option, which he reserves for special situations that require overwhelming fire supremacy, or are necessary to extricate himself from an otherwise impossible circumstances. Given that it takes him so much time to make and manufacture ammunition, he is very conservative on his usage of it, and never fires fully auto unless he has no other choice.