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You'll now find me over at MeWe
Monday, April 1st, 2019 11:41am
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Well, since Facebook is now on a rampage against all truth, and is dead set on silencing me at every turn (not to mention countless others) for a wide range of really stupid, and utterly ridiculous reasons (such as sharing real, true, and verifiable facts that are fully documented and provable), not to mention countless millions of other people, I've decided to just give them what they want and leave.  I mean, the place is dying anyways.  And, since anything that doesn't fit their agenda over there is now considered forbidden, and in turn banned, I no longer have a reason to stay.  I will not be silenced by someone who disagrees with me.  I mean, we still do, theoretically, live in a free country.  And this isn't one of those "wah, I'm a snowflake and I'm gonna pitch a fit for a few days and then come back."  Nope, this a permanent departure.  I'll keep my account open for now, just for those few who refuse to leave Facebook.

But, for everyone else who's interested, going forward, all of my posting over there is gonna come to an end, as will the bulk of my interactions.  Instead, I'm going setup shop at MeWe, Twitter (at least until they ban me there too), and possibly a few others, depending on where I feel most comfortable.  Yes, MeWe isn't the best, but it's a far cry better than Facebook.  So, I'm willing to deal with the currently clunky interface in order to have freedom to express my mind and the truth.  Also, before you complain any further about how "unlike Facebook" it is, consider this.  That's a good thing.  Plus, if you, like myself, consider the current interface a bit too clunky, remember this.  The more users they have, and the more people commenting and requesting new features or changes, the better it'll become.  But, if all you do is complain, and don't do anything to actively help them improve it, then you have no grounds to whine about the way it is over there.

So anyways, rant aside, at least go over there, sign up, check it out, and come join me.  I've been there a year already, and I'm very pleased with them.  And yes, again, their interface isn't perfect, but I'd rather deal with clunky than with someone who is constantly promoting evil, but suppressing and silencing good and the truth.  I'm also looking at as another alternative.  But I'm not sure about them as of yet, so I haven't signed up yet.  Still waiting to be sure it's not another trap like so many other Facebook "alternatives" have turned out to be.  I'm not saying it is.  Just call me cautious given my prior experiences so far.  lol.   I'm also looking to expand my presence elsewhere on book forums, blogs, etc, promoting my work and trying to expand the literary reach of my books much further than they already are.  So keep an eye out for me in other places across the internet. :)

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