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Stepping Away From Social Media
Wednesday, January 20th, 2021 8:47pm
Keywords: Books, Social Media, Leaving, Shutting Down, Backing Away

Given the current political environment, and all the issues that's causing on Social Media, including major cases of "Anger Management" individuals and groups, much of which is distracting from my books, I'm going to be leaving Social Media and just focusing on my books, and just let things happen however they happen.  Also, given how unbelievably bad the current political climate is becoming, I will be fully withdrawing myself from all things political and just walking away.  IF and when I do come back, I will be starting completely from scratch.  I know some of you who read my social media posts will hate this, but I really think it needs to happen at this point.  I'm going to post this notice on all my Social Media accounts for up to one week, after which I will be deleting those accounts.  You can still find me here going forward, but all content will be strictly book related.  Thanks everyone for understanding.

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