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Stepping Away and Social Media - A Clarification
Sunday, January 24th, 2021 2:35pm
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For those of you who were confused by my previous post about Social Media, I just wanted to make a minor clarification.  I'm not 100% stepping away from social media.  Yes, I got rid of Twitter completely.  But that was due to Twitter going anal retentive and pretty much destroying all possibility of me doing anything else productive on that site.  So, since they rendered my Twitter account completely useless, I simply left.  There's no point staying there and wasting time if it's of no use to me.  As for the other social media accounts I currently have, those I will be staying at.  However, I will be considerably less active, if not generally awol for long periods of time as I focus elsewhere.

They're not being deleted, as some of you suspected.  Not yet.  For now they're still useful, so they'll stick around.  But I'll be interacting there far, far less than in the past.  As for future possible locations I'll be going, that'll depend entirely on where my books take me.  I've still got an account at Mobile Read.  However, I'm not sure I'll be going back there.  It's mostly because, when I go there, I don't feel welcome.  Plus, I have yet to have any readers follow me there.  So, while I haven't closed that door, I may eventually.  Again, the books will dictate that one.  The same goes with other sites like GoodReads and such.

As for where I'll ultimately be going, and what I'll be doing, I'm going to wait until I have something more concrete before I say anything else as stuff is kinda up for grabs right now.  Anyways, that's my clarification, and I'll leave it at that for the moment.  I hope this helps clear things up for you guys.

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