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Putting Things On Hold
Thursday, June 11th, 2020 4:15pm
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I've really been trying to push this off, holding out all hope that things would improve, and life would go back to normal again.  But, alas, I have to finally admit, that's not likely to happen for some time going forward.  I have two things I will be finishing up over the next few months and pushing out into the wild, as they're almost completely done, and only need a few final tweaks to go live.  But, after that, until life returns to some semblance of sanity, I will be setting my writing aside until further notice.  And it's not like I've lost my passion for writing.  I simply don't have the free time and energy to do it anymore.  And, the further I go along, the less and less of both I have even to do simple things.

So, as a result, some things have to give way for others, and one of those appears as though it will have to be my writing.  That doesn't mean I'm completely giving up on all my writing.  I'm just pausing everything until life returns to normal again, whatever decade that is, if ever. :(  Anyhow, I didn't want all of you sitting around waiting anxiously for me to continue pushing forward and cranking out novel after novel like I have been.  Still on my plate to do this year sometime (hopefully), is an audiobook for Jenna's Journey, and the release of Dark Wanderings.  What'll come after that, I have no idea.  I'm not going away, as I love my writing.  I just don't have the ability to do it anymore right now due to life being absolutely insanely busy at the moment.

When will I return?  I'm not sure.  What I thought was a rush of business that would last a few weeks, maybe a month or two has turned into an endless saga that has no signs of abaiting anytime this year, and possibly even next year at this rate.  So, rather than kill myself, and to give you guys the best possible books I can produce, I'm going to bow out for a while, get this episode of my life sorted out and done with, and then come back to doing what I love.  And please don't think this is me saying I'm abandoning all of you.  I really appreciate everyone that's hung with me so far, and if you can hang with me even through this period of trial, you will not be disappointed when this is all over.  I'll make sure of that.

Anyhow, off I go to continue with the madhouse that life has become.  When I'm finally able to get back to everything full time, I'll let everyone know.  And thanks everyone for your support.  It really means a ton to me in this tough time.  Thanks. :)

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