Dream: The Trump Banquet
Wednesday, February 7th, 2024 12:36pm


In this dream I find myself standing in a HUGE banquet hall filled with food, and people, and buffet counters from wall to wall. Standing at the front, with a great, happy smile on his face, is Donald Trump, as he welcomes in everyone who is partaking of the banquet. And it's not a particular group of people (ie, NRA, Republicans, etc), but rather a mix, and a mishmash of people from all walks of life across America. We were quickly encouraged to grab a plate and begin dishing up all the free food that is set out before us, all of which is paid for, and provided generously by Trump. I then walk over to this plate rack, grab myself a plate, and begin dishing up.

I'd only gotten two things on my plate, and was moving on to the next buffet counter (each one of which was filled with a variety of fresh foods, both hot and cold) when a couple of people, who were angry, bitter, spiteful and resentful, walked up to me and begin scolding me, saying, "You shouldn't be eating that food. You should be fasting, and starving, because you need to do this in order to save everyone, because eating of this feast is bad, and a sin, so stop doing it!" Their contempt for all the free food that Trump had provided was very palpable, and you could see their frustration at not being able to do anything to stop him.

In response to what they had just told me, I merely laughed, and said, "It's not that bad. Come, enjoy some of this with me!" of which they would not. They then went on trying to convince the other people behind me to turn against Trump, reject his banquet, his generosity and sacrifice, and instead go without, and suffer, and be miserable just like they were. I then made my way down the line and ended up with a plate full, but it was only 3 items total, one of which was a macaroni dish sorta like goulash mixed with Mac and Cheese. I then sat down at a table, amidst a sea of people, the same as was at the front of the line, and we sat there talking, and fellowshipping with one another, despite obviously being from different races, colors, creeds, backgrounds, and more, and we all got along and had a great time.