Writing Update - December 2023 (part 2)
Sunday, December 17th, 2023 11:34pm

The original video where I posted this update can be found on my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FZOLwcCwCQ

1.  Short Story Fridays - How are you guys enjoying these so far?  Upcoming short stories in queue include:
    a. Elevations
    b. Sprites Ahoy!
    c. The Introduction
    d. Tabby the Butler
    e. What does it mean to be a Christian
    f. Ferrets Folly
    g. Love, Gods Greatest Gift

    Point Cape <- short pirate adventure in progress.
    Jenna's Journey <- Cleanup still in progress, but making good headway.  Lots of big gotchas found that I missed back when I first released it.

2.  Still more writing tutorials coming.  I know a lot of you don't need these, or really care about them.  However, there are a handful of new and aspiring authors, and even a few seasoned ones, that find these beneficial.  So I keep doing them.  If you are curious of what the world of an author is like, I encourage you to listen to those, and even the writing musings which cover smaller topics that don't deserve a whole video of their own, or couldn't fill one. :)

3.  Smashwords end of year sale.  I'm not participating, but its still worth checking out as it offers you a lot of great chances at discounted ebooks to read over the holidays, or give to your family/friends.

4.  New books coming down the pipe aside from Short Story Fridays?

    Planned Novels:
    A Dragon Named Snow
    Earthfleet - The Delta Riders
    Earthfleet - Benoi
    Earthfleet - Beginnings
    Earthfleet - Horizon Dawn
    Earthfleet - Invasion
    Earthfleet - The Specimen
    The Giving Spirit
    Cat Quest
    Starship Down - Archipelago
    The Guardians of Offworld
    Empire 1 - The Artifacts of Earth
    Empire 2 - The Riders of Krowa
    Empire 3 - Whalandria
    The Man Who Reached For God
    The Unreachable Continent
    The Armchair Empire
    The Wolf Riders
    Grumpy Ned - A Parable of Gratitude and Redemption
    The Children of Ember
    The Dragons of Mason Street

5.  Also going to convert, via AI, all of my existing novels and series into audiobook and post on youtube for you guys to enjoy.  But that's a good couple years of work, and postings, and whatnot, so don't expect it all by New Years. ;) lol.